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This flight simulator puts you in the cockpit of either the F-22 or the fictional F-29.

Choose from four campaigns with increasing difficulty: a training campaign in Arizona plus real war campaigns in the Pacific, the Middle East and in Europe.

Each campaign includes a variety of missions involving both dogfights and air-to-ground attacks.

F29 Retaliator is one of Ocean's modern flight simulators. You can fly with an F-22 or F-29 fighter against the Russian MIG-29 fighters or SU-27 bombers. The game has three modes - a 'practice' mode called Zulu Alert, where your mission is to shoot down lots of enemy fighters with unlimited ammunition; the mission control mode, which is basically the campaign mode; and the head to head mode, which is the one vs. one multiplayer fight over a serial network.

In the mission control mode, you can earn promotions, medals, and points, by shooting down enemy fighters, bombing targets, and completing missions. However, if you are not a 1st Lieutenant (you can choose your rank at the start of the game), you will have limited ammunition, which can be set at the 'Select Armament' menu. There are four campaigns, each set in different locations: an Arizona-based training range, Pacific Ocean, Middle East and Europe. But beware: if you get killed, captured, busted, or go missing on a mission, your service file (profile) will be terminated.

The in-flight game engine is very well made. In your fighter's cockpit you have lots of controls, from selecting weapons to activating/deactivating your ECM (Electronic Countermeasures). However, if you are hit, some controls will surely be damaged. This is shown by indicators in your cockpit. The differences between each weapon and the importance of the systems in your cockpit are listed in my documentation.

The music of the game is well made and it fits the game. Every in-flight effect has a voice. You'll hear when an enemy is targeting you, when you may fire your Backwinder rockets, or when it is time to eject.

The only drawback of this game is that the aircraft cannot be blown up, and only by crashing into the ground can they be destroyed. However, if you lose your vital systems, you are sure to be downed!

If you want to play multiplayer online, check the documentation. I strongly recommend this for everyone to try out. It's really worth it.

Cycles: 3000+ - The game works fine regardless of the amount of cycles used.

Nice flightsim, landing is a bit tricky and starting might not work on first try either, but flying this baby is a real pleasure. Plenty of missions to fly, 2 different jets (you can also fly the top secret F22) - and did I mention that flying the Retaliator just flies great? Yep... so what are you waiting for?!

You got the idea - I'm not a real expert when it comes to flightsims. But the fact I enjoyed this one should for once alarm the hardcore flightsim fans among you (it's not THAT realistic I guess, but who am I to judge?), but on the other hand it might interest those among you who, like me, aren't into all these technical details.

It seem like only yesterday that DiD gave us EF2000, F-22 ADV and TAW. However, their roots date back to 1991, when DiD released F-29 Retaliator, one of the first attempts to model the F-22 and X-29 fighters.

Like most game released during the height of the Cold War, the aircraft model is based on speculation. The F-22, never seen at that time, was modeled like the artists' impressions on books about (then) future fighters. The F-29 looks more realistic, because the X-29, a technological demonstrator on which it is based, is widely known at that time.

The game takes you to 4 theaters of operations: Nevada, Europe, Pacific and the Middle East. You have a fixed number of missions to choose from from each theater. You fly air-to-air and air-to-ground missions in these fairly interesting (and challenging) scenarios.

Graphically, Retaliator was advanced for its time. It clearly showed the looks we will see in its sequel, TFX, with excellent graphics that depict cities, bridges, and even moving vehicles. The flight modelling is simple. The array of weaponry is quite bewildering, including the speculative AIM-9X backward-firing Sidewinder.

My biggest complaint for this game is the ridiculously small play area. The size of the map is perhaps comparable to the one in Falcon 1.0. In light of the super-cruise capable F-22, the size of the map quickly feels cramped. This is especially true because even F-19 Fighter, released 2 years before, already give us the whole Central Europe as our playground.

Still, Retaliator is one of the better action-sim game for its time. This game delivered what its designer wanted to do: fast-paced, hi-tech action. Good enough to pick up when you feel nostalgic for the good old days of gaming during the Cold War.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (1.66 MB).


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