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The First Expedition is a naval simulation game.

The player navigates the seas of an alien world in search of ancient artifacts. The gameplay involves navigation, interaction with natives and fighting. Many aspects of seafaring have been modeled, including weather effects.

First Expedition is an interesting and surprisingly complex (given its age) simulation of naval exploration that includes many realistic features such as weather and wind effects. Set in a fictional alternate universe that is basically Earth with a different name, you must navigate the perilous seas to chart the unknown territory and eventually arrive at land. Navigation in the game is very realistic: you must navigate by the stars at night, and pay attention to weather conditions and wind direction. The game is somewhat dry due to long stretches of time where you see nothing but boring blue sea, making it fun only to hardcore sim enthusiasts. A great game, albeit with a very limited appeal. Recommended only if you're a mariner in real life or are really interested in a realistic simulation of historical sea navigation.

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