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The second game of the Micro Machines series. Like in its predecessor, you behind the steering wheel of an extremely small car. You race around on interesting places, like a table, a treehouse and many more. The control of the cars is sometimes quite difficult, especially if you don't know the tracks (the top-down view is not very clear). The CD-ROM version additionally features CD-Audio music and a track editor.

A top down view of miniature cars, trucks, boats and helicopters; a fast phased game; multiplayer option; this can only be one game Micro Machines. But no, we already have that game. Then it must be the sequel Micro Machines 2 - Turbo Tournament.

Once again you are given the control of miniature cars and you'll have to race AI opponents or your friends on various locations such as kitchen desks, pool tables, workshops, school desks, gardens, bathtubs etc.

The choice of cars is as diverse as the locations are: there are choppers, speedboats, racecars, tanks, jeeps, formulas and many more vehicles to choose from. You'll spend hours just trying out the stages and vehicles. If you thought it ends here you were wrong!

There are also around 20 different drivers and opponents to pick. Its such an amazing game! :) My adrenaline level jumped just because I'm thinking about the game at the moment - just imagine what it feels like playing it then! :)

The controls are simple - you just need to accelerate, turn and slow down. There are a few modes of playing. You can compete against computer opponents in single races or tournaments, or you can race your friends in head to head mode.

The graphics are just sweet and sounds are satisfactory. In conclusion, this is an all around great game that should clearly be given a mark of 5. Strongly recommended!

If this sounds like Kosta's review of Micro Machines it's because it is!

So what are the differences between part one and part two? Well this game offers much more!

For one you can edit the tracks (that's right, you can chose where to race and with what).

Also there are more advanced multiplayer options, including Party Play mode that supports 16 players!!! Now that's a real party!

So what are you still waiting for? Download and play!!!

Part two of a great game. Better graphics, more toys to race, more tracks and interesting multiplayer options.

Micro Machines 2 takes off exactly where Micro Machines 1 ended. With improved graphics and sound and many new cars, boats, vehicles etc. you will get many more hours racing around on tables, floors and other weird places.

You can play up to four different human players at a time which gives you many opportunities do "gain respect" from your friends and beat them by driving more wild and faster than the other ones.

Get this racing game now!

Micro Machine games are departures from normal racing games: instead of powerful F-1, you'll race toy cars around homemade courses such as Dad's desktop or Mom's kitchen, each with its own obstacles. Not only do you have cars that require different handling techniques for each course, but in Micro Machines 2 you even get to steer a hovercraft or an helicopter. There are also different playing modes which include innovative "head-to-head", in which you get points when you're so fast you drive out of the screen while your opponent is still in the back part of the screen. Both are great fun, and very addictive :)

Cars racing over your kitchen table, slipping on your marmelade spots, bumping against your knife, launched by your spoon and eventually, slipping off the table. You have no idea what I'm talking about??? About Micro Machines 2 offcourse. Choose your driver and your car/helicopter/boat etc. and go driving on kitchentables, through waterpipes and much more!

Compete against other (computer or human) players or race in a tournament. It's an original game, the graphics are good, the sounds are allright and the game is addicting as hell!

One of the best racing games of this kind ever, really worth the download, check it out!

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (96.2 MB).


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