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Operation Cleaner is a Finnish freeware game exploring a very unique genre of gaming: demolition of buildings. The player is in charge of a demolition company, and the goal is to bring down buildings of the clients with as little explosives and collateral damage as possible.

For simplicity and due to the age of the game the buildings are represented as 2D cross sections with all the bearing structures clearly visible. Player has to place various type of explosives into the buildings with a minimal amount of detonation wire and blast caps used. The nearby structures are protected with dampers. Although the physics engine is very simple and has some obvious flaws that lead to physically impossible situations at times, the game is very versatile as there often isn't one clear way of detonating a building in an optimal way.

Operation Cleaner is a unique and compelling business simulation game that puts you in control of a demolition firm. Your job: make money by successfully demolishing the target building without destroying anything else in the vicinity. The game lets you control every facet of the business, including buying explosives and other equipment, hiring workers and bulldozers, and actual placement of explosives on the job. There are 134 buildings to be demolished in the game, spanning across 9 cities. Every new job offer shows you the picture of the target building, and there is always more than a few offers you can choose from.

Needless to say, the game gets more challenging the more you play (and the more money you make). From simple one-story outdoor toilets in the middle of nowhere, you will soon need to demolish highrises in a crowded city. Big buildings require more careful planning, because you must minimize both explosives (i.e. cost to you) as well as damage to surrounding area (because you'll have to pay the insurance amount for any neighboring structure you inadvertently destroy). You can build up barricades around the target building to prevent other buildings from being damaged, but it could cost a lot of money. The game therefore requires a fine balance between practical strategic planning and a shrewd business sense. There is a wide range of explosives in the game, from basic dynamites, anite, and TNT to the powerful C-4. Once you finish demolishing all the 134 buildings included in the game, you can design your own buildings and cities using the included editor.

Operation Cleaner is an immensely enjoyable game that should appeal both to engineers and fans of unique strategy games. It's original, it's fun, and it will challenge you for hours on end. It's even educational - I learn a lot of interesting factoids about different building materials and physics from playing this game. Graphics are pretty ugly, but it's the gameplay that counts especially for strategy games - and here you won't be disappointed.

Operation Cleaner is a game where you run a demolition firm. You decide how much explosives and equipment you need, how much workers and bulldozers you need to run the firm. You select buildings from a list of offers. 9 cities, 134 buildings to be demolished. Archive includes editors to build own buildings and cities as well.

You start the game by selecting your character, level and you can then select a mission that you feel you can finish. Don't just sit and wait for something to happen because for some odd reason you have to start the game even though the mission selector should pop up much sooner. Before each mission you can see what you are paid to complete it and what kind of buildings that needs to be demolished as well. You can buy different kind of explosives like regular dynamite, TNT and a few other kinds. Things like detonators, wires etc. needs to be purchased as well. When you start the mission you can place the dynamite near the buildings and you have to decide what kind of explosives and much you need in order to get the maximum of the used dynamite.

Cleaner features low quality graphics and little sound. The game is quite detailed though within certain areas of the game like when you have to decide on where you place the explosives, how much you dynamite you want to use etc. so it requires quite a bit of practice before you really have a good chance of succeeding in the game. A quite unique game but not that entertaining and very hard to get started with.

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