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PHM Pegasus is a simulation of the Patrol Hydrofoil Missilecraft which is a seagoing vessel designed to strike quickly at enemy ships. Difficult to get a radar fix on and extremely fast, the PHM is a unique but deadly vehicle with Harpoon and Gabriel guided missile launch capability. The game contains eight missions set in potentially volatile global hot spots and utilizes accompanying on-screen maps for deployment operations. In addition to the aforementioned guided missiles, the PHM carries a 76mm water cooled naval gun, chaff and radar capability. Search helicopters and convoy ship control rounds out the impressive array of functions attributed to the PHM. Three different hydrofoils in the NATO arsenal, modeled realistically regarding speed and distinctive attributes, emulate United States, Italian and Israeli craft. The interface is keyboard driven and the game features 3-D graphics.

PHM Pegasus is a combination simulation and action game. You control a naval hydrofoil missile boat, and need to complete a variety of different missions. Some of the missions include destroying all enemy vessels in a given area, surveillance requiring you to identify the location of enemy ships (without sinking them!), or to escort a supply ship through hostile territory. As missions are successfully completed you earn points based on how successful the mission was, and with increasing points you can advance in rank, from deck mopper up to admiral. Your performance on one mission won't have an affect on future ones, and you can choose to play missions out of order as well. Several missions include other craft you can control to help out (both ships and helicopters). A time compression mode is included, which can be used to reduce the amount of time waiting to arrive at a destination, or even left on to make the action sequences more challenging.

The first and perhaps the only hydrofoil simulation, P.H.M. Pegasus has great graphics and gameplay for its time, although the scenarios were less interesting than the much-improved sequel Strike Fleet. Its emphasis on fun over realism and simplistic controls and arcade-flavored gameplay probably makes the game more appealing to the casual strategy crowd than veteran gamers, but is still a good diversion from more serious simulations. The lack of career mode, or relationships of any kind between scenarios also mean that you can finish one game relatively quickly in 1-2 hour sitting.

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