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Red Baron is a World War I flight simulation game. The game offers a wide range of play options including single missions, historical missions, and a campaign game. Missions that can be flown include patrols, dogfights, bomber escort, bomber intercept, balloon busting, and attacks on zeppelins. Five different geographical areas are modelled including London and Paris. The game models 28 different aircraft of which more than 15 can be flown by the player. A full-featured VCR recorder allows missions to be recorded and then edited into movies with various camera angles, pans, zooms, etc. Followed up by an expansion pack which included a mission builder and new aircraft.

Red Baron puts you in the pilot's seat of actual World War I fighter aircraft. This game features 28 different aircraft from both the Allied and the German sides presented in actual 3D graphics. Start a career as a pilot and rise through the ranks to become the most feared ace in the skies, or participate in a variety of single missions including simple fighter sweeps, balloon-busting, zeppelin hunting, or take on an actual WWI ace in one-on-one combat. If you're good enough, you may even be able to take on the infamous Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron himself.

Red Baron is one of the greatest World War I flight simulators. It features a total 17 different planes. You can play this game in Story Mode or in Head-to-head flight mode. In the latter you will fly against some of the biggest names in the First World War, including the Red Baron himself. If you want to, you can also change the planes for each pilot, so that you can see how well he handles a British plane. Each plane has a different layout, abilities and weaponry.

In story mode, you get to choose which side you will fly for. Obviously this will limit the types of planes you can fly, but it is in my opinion better than flying head-to-head. You start the story as a flight leader, where you command a tiny force of planes. This group will increase or decrease in size depending on your piloting skills. The AI for your friendly aeroplanes is very well made, and they will manage without your help. All you have to worry about is staying alive.

The engine used for the game is also a good piece of software. The scenery, flying and maneuvering are all nice to watch.

There isn't much more to say about the game. You receive missions. You fly. You kill, and hopefully you'll stay alive. Try it.

This is one of the simulation games you cannot miss. The game feature great graphics together with nice sound and the overall game is very realistic especially when you consider the time it is from. Your plane is rather simple all though you can choose between many different ones. So don't expect any laser weapons or huge missiles.

All you got is your little machine guns on the front of your plane. The game is much fun, all though it's rather difficult and might scare away new players. So my advice is that you give the game a second chance when you try it out.

If You ever wanted to fly a WW1 double-winged airplane then try Red Baron - the best of its kind. Play a career either as a German or British pilot and do Your best to complete missions. More than 20 different planes, many different mission types, historical pilots, realistic or arcade flight modes... If You're good enough, try to defeat the Red Baron himself... Good luck!

I am usually not one of the biggest fans of Flight-Sims. My idea of this genre is flying an X-Wing, not a real plane - and now this! Hard to imagine anything that doesn't have a radar and gets pretty angry when you try to climb too steep. You really got to fight with your own machine and try to fight off some pretty intelligent flying enemies you sometimes don't see. You have to move your head (with F1-F4) to keep an eye on them. You only got your machine gun to disable enemy-planes. Man, that's hard work! And we aren't even talking of mastering a plane that's losing oil and/or fuel - sometimes you yourself are shot and have to try hard to keep your head clear. You tend to faint when you are doing some maneuvers - your sure end!

Never ever played such a realistic and involving game - it's brilliant! The only downpoint is the high difficulty. Pretty soon you will find yourself fighting against 4 airplanes, one groundflak and still trying to shoot down balloons. I'm not a friend of wargames as such, but a game about the airfights of Worldwar I is something unusual - especially when this game came out You really shouldn't miss this one. Best thing - this one has been released and is now freeware.

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