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Interface is thankfully the same as the first but that's where the similarity ends. More is the name here, more cars and parts to buy giving you every edge to regain your crown. Gameplay is it's most significant thing that you will ever remember in this classic. Gameplay control is really tight.

You're given 3 venues to race your blood thirsty opponent, betting for money and pink slips. The drag race tests how fast you can engage 1st gear.

You're ultimate goal is to beat the new king on these three courses that if you do you get to regain your long lost crown and take home his girl, again.

Street Rod II is a game with enormous potential! I have spent many nights praying that someone makes a modernized version of this game, but so far, no software company has managed to do that! This game is certainily a classic, and first of its kind (being a sequel to Hot Rod).

You play a car mechanic. Starting out with no car and some money, you will have to find a suitable car using the ads in the paper. To earn more money for parts and new cars, you will have to race other drivers in the town.

There are 3 tracks available, one of which is a straight 1/4 mile drag race. You can race for money, or pink slips. This is also the worst aspect of the game as the racing graphics are simply awaful, and car handling is always the same. Unfortunately, this limits the car tuning to engine, tires, gearbox, aerodynamics and exhaust. Still, this is more than enough to keep the game interesting.

You can make numerous modifications to the engine, and there are many cars and car manufacturer parts available, so getting the most out of your car will be extremely fun and challenging. The goal of the game is to beat "The King". He has the best car (and chick) in the game :) Of course, once you get his car, the chick also comes in the package :) Unfortunately, the time to do this is limited, and that is also somewhat annoying.

So, what distances this game from a 5 point mark are the horrible driving graphics engine, the inability to modify suspension and handling and finally the time limit. Let me just mention that the sound is also pretty much terrible :)

However, since I am a bit of a car enthusiast, this review is maybe biased, but nonetheless I recommend this game to everyone who has even a remote interest in cars!

Well, street rod 2 by california games, I got this a long time ago, and it was pretty damn good back then, it hasn't however ages all that well though, the grapics are really starting to look quite old and everytime you play it, the graphics just seem to get more boring and so does the game and also the speed of the game seems to be just slower and slower. But back in 1990 it was quite a good game with nice graphics. The difference between street rod 1 and 2 is quite small, the only real differences are the age and type of cars (about 10 years difference) and also theres a few more types of drag races you can compete in in this sequel. There is only a slight difference in graphics for the 2 games too.

The plot of the game is quite simple, you buy used cars and drag race them for money or pink slips, the cars you are able to buy range in price and speed and reliability, the types of cars you can race are Mustang's, Chevy Camaro's, V8 Corvettes, Pontiac GTO's and the very impressive Dodge Charger! You also will be able to purchase used car parts also out of the newspaper's classifieds, you can buy spare parts such as new tyres, manifolds, engines, exhausts, carbies, mufflers, fuel injecters and tunnel rams. other things you can do to your purchased car is chop the roof and bumpers, and give it a new paint job, each will cost you a bit of money and prolly wont impact on the performance of the car too much.

When you start the game, you start off with $1200 bucks, which is just enough to buy you a '63 Vette, which is good enough to start off with and be able to win small amounts of money to build the car up into a bit of a speed machine, sell it and buy something faster and more reliable like the Charger which is a couple of grand compared to the 800 or so bucks for the Vette. The types of races available to race in are the drag race, which can be for $10, $50 or just for kicks, Mullholland Drive for $50 or $150 or for pink slips and the same for the aqueduct (similar to the drag race on the movie grease).

When starting the game, you get the choice of ega/vga/cga/hercules/tandy graphics for graphics and adlib or normal for sound options, the only thing that could have been better about the game is maybe some good aussie cars, perhaps a Monaro!

This is one of the most difficult car racing games I've ever played. You start with $1200 and no car. Buy a car, maybe buy some parts for it and go racing against some opponents for money or just for kicks. From easy Drag Racing to some of the most difficult Aqueduct races. Winning in Drag racing means you have a fast car and good gear control, winning in Mulholland and Aqueduct races means you have the better racing skills. Win in a small competition, keep on upgrading your car and become the very best!

Upgrading your car needs some knowledge of car parts, cuz you will have to add car parts manually, that's one of the coolest things I've ever seen in a car racing game.

A very cool game, but the gameplay could have been better, racing is really difficult. That way it's not addicting at all, more a little frustrating, but there is something like a good addiction level in the drag races an the competition. I suggest you check this one out!

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