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Inspired by the famous 1986 film, Top Gun: Danger Zone is a desert dogfighting air combat simulation set on board an aircraft carrier (the USS Brigham) patrolling the waters off Libya and the Middle East. You have a choice of two aircraft - the F-14 Tomcat (in which you also get a Radar Intercept officer to assist you) and an F-18 Hornet (where you'll fly solo).

The choice of missions is limited to eight - intercept, escort, clear airspace, provide air support and run interference. However, you also get to participate in the "Top Gun Challenge Board" in the Officer's Mess, where you challenge 12 other fellow pilots in simulated one-to-one dogfights to practice your skills, get their respect and increase your ranking. You also have a choice of playing against the CPU or against another human player in split-screen mode.

The flight model is not completely realistic - but it is not ridiculous, as in many other games (even today). The game aims to have an arcade-style simplicity for the flying, and adds character development similar to many RPGs.

Top Gun Danger Zone is a fun arcade-style flight simulator based on the hit Tom Cruise movie of the same name. The goal, of course, is to become a Top Gun abroad the USS Brigham. You'll get to fly 2 modern fighters: the F-14 and F-18, each of which has its own instrument panels and semi-authentic aircraft handling. Flight sim grognards will undoubtedly find many flaws in the physics department-- even though I know next to nothing about flight sims, I can still tell that the plane shouldn't be able to quickly bank like a bike ;) What makes Danger Zone a lot of fun to play, though, is the career mode and the excellent atmosphere of being a rookie pilot. While you're not on duty, you have many things to do on the USS Brigham. You can talk to other officers to pry them for help -- but you won't get it immediately. You will need to survive a few missions before the officers will accept you as a peer and offer useful flying tips, among other things. This is a great feature, and makes life outside the cockpit much more interesting (similar to Wing Commander). You can also challenge other pilots in one-on-one dogfights to improve your standing on the "Top Gun Challenge Board" on the ship. On the downside, the game is disappointingly short, with only a handful of missions, and enemy AI needs a lot of improvement.

If you're a die-hard pilot, you'll probably be turned off by Danger Zone's arcade-style combat and many technical flaws. If you are an arcade fan who don't care much about realism, and want a good simulation that really immerses you in the storyline, though, you'll have a lot to like in Danger Zone. Recommended for casual pilots only.

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