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War Eagles is a World War I aerial combat simulator set in the time prior to America entering the war. You'll portray a British or German pilot through 10 missions of flying ace action, including battles with the Red Baron (Rittmeister Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen) and the White Knight (Billy Bishop).

Other missions include routine scouting missions, protecting unarmed observation planes, destroying heavily protected hot air balloons and taking out a hornet's nest of Fokkers. Prior to entering a mission, you must select its difficulty level (the harder the level, the more points you will score).

Your fighter is equipped with machine guns and the following flight instruments: a fuel gauge, a tachometer, a compass, an altimeter, an airspeed indicator and a clipboard that records the number of planes the current pilot has shot down. Up to eight different pilots can be kept on the roster at a time -- to create a pilot, simply enter name and nationality. Three fighters are at your disposal: a Fokker Dr I Triplane, a Sopwith Camel F1 and a Pfalz D III.

You can view the battles in War Eagles forward, back or to either side of your fighter, and you can follow your own action from an invisible (stealth?) chase plane at close, medium or far range. If a certain situation seems especially dangerous, you can retreat back to your own base. If you survive a crash, you may be captured by the enemy, so get as far from enemy lines as possible when your plane is in trouble.

Last and probably best in a short-lived line of low-budget flight sims from COSMI, War Eagles is a decent action-oriented sim set in World War 1. You can choose to play as either a British, or a German pilot. On the British side, you have a choice of 5 missions: patrol, escort, balloon busting, one-against-many dogfight (aptly named "The Hornet's Nest"), and single combat. There are also 5 missions on the German side that are basically mirror image of the British missions (e.g. balloon defense instead of balloon busting, and so on). Missions vary greatly in fun factor. The balloon mission, where you try to shoot down or defend a large floating zeppelin, is a lot of fun. Hornet's Nest is quite challenging for a beginner, although ace pilots will quickly take advantage of the game's nonexistent WW1 fighter flight dynamics to dispose of enemy planes. Overall, War Eagles is a pleasant diversion that lasts a bit longer than COSMI's earlier Super Huey due to the addition of high score and kill records, although emphasis on action and lack of career mode still make it at best a short, beer-and-pretzel sim.

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