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American Gladiators is licensed from the popular TV show of the same name. It features a series of events testing players' strength, speed and skill against a trained team of ten 'Gladiators', five male and five female. The female characters are Ice, Gold, Lace, Blaze and Zap, most of them know by their bodybuilding achievements. Main male characters are Turbo, Nitro (he featured several US National TV commercials), Gemini, Thunder and Laser (Mr. Montana on 1986).

In total there are seven events, all viewed from third-person views. The final one is the Eliminator assault course., in which you compete directly against an opponent.

It's been a long time since I've last seen American Gladiators. For all you younger types out there, it was a show where people had to fight through obstacles in order to get points. On the way these muscular guys and gals would try to hinder their progress one was or the other.

And here's the game based on that TV show.

You can select either a tournament or a head to head game and you can choose your gender (and off course the name).

A head to head game means you'll have to play against a human opponent, but this doesn't mean you'll directly face that opponent. Not at all. It means you and one other person will face all the challenges of the show and the better man of the two will win the prize.

A tournament will mean that you'll have to be better then seven other computer players, again all trying to defeat the gladiators (always controlled by the computer).

The gender selection doesn't really change anything. The events and the difficulty level are the same; just the pixels look slightly different.

And in the events you need to avoid being shot by the gladiators, beat one of them in a face to face combat, swing and climb and even roll pass them. There are seven events all together and all are somewhat fun, but the best looking by far is the face to face battle on top of the pillars.

If you win an event you get 10 points, if you simply survive you get 5 and if a gladiator gets you, you get nothing.

You can see all 8 gladiators and read their personal data at the beginning of the game (starting with the ladies), or you can read the included manual (although then you'll miss the pictures, particularly the ones of the ladies).

All in all this is a somewhat fun game based on a somewhat fun show and it might bring you a few afternoons of mindless relaxation, but it's by no means a great classic. Just an average thing to put the mind at ease, while your fingers do the work.

A mini-games collection based on that Amercian TV show thingie of the same name, probably one of the dumbest things ever to hit the TV screen. The game was developed by Imagitec Design, designers of such popular games as The Humans series. As I really hate all those TV show sports like Show Wrestling and this Gladiator stuff, I won't comment anymore on that. But the computer game is actually not that terrible after all. Probably because those grown-up guys and gals from the show are now just a collection of computer pixels. Not great, but as the various events are very unusual for computer games, American Gladiators is okay for a change. Probably a must-have for fans of the TV show, and worth a look to everyone else.

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