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Do you want to play Space golf? --It sounds really amazing. If your answer is yes, probably this game is your only option which has a miniature shape in "zany" scenarios.

In each hole (a total of 18 hole courses) you try to give your best shots by just giving simple directions to the ball with your mouse. Since you are playing in space there is no air, no cruel wind conditions; just swing it to your "desired" destination!

The title says it all: this is a game of miniature space golf, which in short is miniature golf in space... What's there to explain? I think everyone has played a game of miniature golf in his or her life (if not, go and do this pronto, take all your friends, it's heaps of fun). This is a computerized version of the game in which you have to get your ball from the starting point (the tee in golf lingo) to the endpoint of an obstacle course (the hole). For every course there's a certain amount of strokes in which you must finish it (this is called par). In Fuzzy's, if you finish it in less then par, you can use the remaining strokes on your next hole. If your stroke-count ever reaches zero, the game is over.

Well, that's all there is to tell about the rules of Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space Golf . So what makes this game special at all? Well, the creators, Pixel Painters, have really tried to make this a challenging and entertaining game, by designing courses that use the fact that you're in space. There's one in which gravity is reversed, so that every bump acts like it's actually hollow and vice versa. There's another one in which your ball is transported by flying saucers from one court to the next. There are 18 holes in all and you can choose whether or not you want to play them all in a row, or only a selection of 6 or 9 out of them. There's also a practice option, in which you can tackle that one tricky course that's always. All holes are fairly original and the difficulty is balanced quite well, although some holes really bugged me and remain hard to finish even after having played for quite a while.

The graphics are really sweet. They're colorful and witty, and really give the game a large part of its panache. The music consists of several catchy tunes that tend to get on your nerves only a little bit (and that after playing for way too long, I must add) and the sound effects are okay. Gameplay is done with the mouse and is fairly straightforward: there's a dotted line attached to the ball, which indicates in which direction you're going to hit, and the power depends on the length of this wire. There's also a multiplayer option, in which up to four players can compete with each other.

Fuzzy's is one of those little games that you can always play when you've got a spare 30 minutes and don't have a need for a complex story. It's more or less the hack 'n slash in sports games and until I can hit a hole-in-one on every course (which is more or less impossible) I'll remain challenged by it!

Undoubtedly one of the best, if not THE best, minigolf games ever, Fuzzy's World is set in a wacky space setting, where courses are scattered on various planets. The courses are presented in excellent isometric view, a welcome change from the typical top-down view of other minigolf games, and there are many undulations and other obstacles that will stump you but will glue you to the screen nonetheless :)

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