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Championship Manager starts a successful series of football management games, which means that you don't actually control your players during matches, but you're in charge of choosing the starting lineup and tactics. Matches are played out through a running commentary, with the chance to interrupt it to make substitutions or tactical changes. Each player's performance is rated out of 10, and these are among the many statistics stored throughout the game.

The game features all the most important British competitions, and the database 80 league teams (each with complete squads) and 380 non-league and European teams (who you will sometimes play against, but can not purchase their players - buying overseas players is dealt with elsewhere). There are 1500 players featured, each rated on attributes such as passing, tackling and creativity, and with details such as age and nationality also stored, and 650 managers, coaches, scouts and physios.

Between matches you can purchase or sell your players and trim your squad to suit your needs. When you approach a player, and both the club and player are interested, you put in an offer and see if the club accepts it - they may request an increase. The player will have demands for contract length and wage, before a deal can be completed.

The game follows the season by splitting each week into weekday and weekend, each of which may or may not include a match, and after you have done everything you press Done, and the game progresses in time.

In 1992 the first version of the Championship Manager was released. Championship Manager was one of the first greater commercialised games in the PC world and I'm a fan of it, as I'm fond of manager or soccer type of games. I already tried almost all the games of this kind out and therefore I can say that this game created a new type of genre for PC games. This game really changed the life of thousand players, because it has its amazing similarity to the reality. I presume that most of you already know this game, but for the minority that never heard about this game, it was the first game of soccer to manage that captivated many players due to its elaborated details about the teams and players.

Although this game is very poor compared with the released games of this kind nowadays, the basics of the game already existed even so the players there alone had a couple of stocking statistics. The game was much more simple than the games now but still has many players who preferred it. If I compare them, to me with all the games that followed this one was most complete of all. If you already played some sequels of this game I suggests that you try this game to see the evolution that this kind of games brought out in the last 14 years.

The number of players is 4, and to continue pick your team, and after that you can play. Then you choose the type of player you want to be as there's so many options like: moderate, selfish, responsible. I would choose the one that more fits to you. Then the game continues to a choice where to start the first division, second, third and fourth divisions and after these choices the game will finally start.

And now the game starts. In the main menu of the game you will find 11 windows which allow to execute all tasks of the game. The first window will take you to the next match to be played by your team. Second is called "View tables" and allows you to see your classification after each day's match. Third will show all seasons (which will show which team will play against you and the date of the matches). The following one is "club details", and as the name indicates, it will provide you with stats of your club, and is also can show information of your fellow co-workers, shows what the players bought and sold here, and very important - it controls the accounts. In the following window you will be able to see the statistics of your last game, add new human players to the game, see the players who had played badly, see who scored goals, etc. etc... The sixth window is very important because it allows to buy and sell players. The next window is the one that allows to see the reaction of the owners of the club to your results, here you will get to see if you are doing a good job in the view of the board or not, and they can put you out off the game. You will be able also to look the avaiable places in other teams. The window that's called "national squads" is for seeing if your players are playing for their national team. The 10th window is for changing the appearance of the game. And the last window is for saving the game.

The qualities of the players increase from 0 until the max of 20, the higher the better they are, and keep in mind that they have many stats to be watched like passing, defense, creativity, influence among others, to be looked for in players to buy.

After this small review, I think that I covered everything that's important. Try this game out to know if you like or not, and for this game being the first successful one of it's kind of games, I'll give a score of 4.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (2.00 MB).


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