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The world-renowned soccer simulation comes to the PC with FIFA International Soccer. Designed to be the most realistic soccer game ever, players can select from 48 international teams and guide them to the coveted cup. Featuring "the most animation ever created for a soccer game" (at release), FIFA International Soccer shows exciting moves like bicycle kicks and slide tackles with detailed precision. The Tournament mode draws your team into a division and challenges you to claw your way to the cup finals -- all the while hearing real digitized crowd chants to make you feel like you're playing right at Wembly.

The game that started the best-selling series licensed by football's world governing body, this first installment in the long running series used a dimetric (colloquially known as "isometric") viewpoint, previously unusual in football games but quickly imitated by several titles. The televisual presentation, one of the unique points of the early EA Sports titles, with hosts introducing the matches, was another thing making the game stand out from a market dominated by Sensible Soccer and Kick Off games.

Based on international teams (with fictional player names), their abilities in each skill area rated out of 10 to give the player an overall impression of how good they are. The options available follow the standard set: fouls and offsides can be toggled on and off, the match length can be set, and if the timer operates continuously, or only while the ball is in play. Gameplay privileges quick runs, short passes and blistering shots outside the penalty box, and set pieces are controlled by moving a box into the target area for the ball, and then passed, lobbed or kicked directly. On the tactical side, formations can be selected, with 5 different strategies also available (although not all of these combinations make sense) as can the team Coverage - the areas which defenders, midfielders and strikers cover.

Not a bad game, certainly not a bad game. Compared to the latest FIFA games, it's not much if you look at the graphics, at the gameplay or the sounds. But it sure is a nice game to play! It's in the World Cup '94, pick a team and lead them to that Cup! The best team (of course) being the EA Allstars, but it's kind of realistic. The best team will certainly have bigger chances of winning. But the game is very hard to play, passing is not really well done, so I would recommend to only use the shoot button during the whole game. That makes it very hard to play! I must say, this game has its charms and it's fun to play, but I can see why Die-Hard soccer gamers prefer the latest FIFA series over this one! Download it to see where it all started, but if you like soccer games, this would be nice in your collection, but you will find yourself playing the newest games more than this one, I'm sure!

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