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Ever dreamt of becoming an Olympic champion? Now your dreams can come true. All you need to do is to Reach Out For Gold.

There are 8 events in which you have to compete in order to achieve the final victory! If you don't do well enough in an event, you won't qualify for the next one. It is therefore a good idea to practice. The events are as follows:

Skeet Shooting - You look like a small hunter, ready to shoot some skeet. You have to be very careful though, as you only get one bullet per each skeet, so don't miss!

100m Running - This is plain and simply a dash. You need to quickly press left and right in order go gain speed. The first one to reach the finish - wins.

Archery - Three guys wanted to show off their archery skills. The first hit the bull's eye and said: "I'm William Tell!" The second one split his arrow and said: "I'm Robin Hood!" The third one missed the target and hit an innocent bystander and said: "I'm sorry!" And that's exactly what you'll be -because it's really easy to miss the target, if you don't consider the wind and don't calculate your strength right.

Long Jump - It's just what is says. You need to get a good running start and jump at a right angle in order to make a looong jump.

Boxing - There are several opponents and you need to beet the crap out of them to win. Not many fighting moves though.

Javelin - Similar to the long jump, only that this time you needn't jump, but throw the javelin at the right angel and watch it fly!

Swimming - Again a speed competition, only this time you'll need to repeatedly press fire to gain speed.

Kayak - This is probably the most original event I've seen. By moving left or right you paddle either on the left or the right side of the boat. This is used both for moving and steering. The object is to get to the finish in as little time as possible, while passing all the gates. You will however have to fight the water current as well!

All in all this is a fun game, with many comical moments (like the skeet shooting guy getting angry at you and shooting you through the screen), yet it's still a solid sports game on its own. It has very nice graphics and well done sounds including some speech. It allows you up to 4 players. When you decide you've practiced enough and start competing, you'll also be able to select among many different countries to compete for - or simply choose the Olympic flag if none of the countries suit you.

So enjoy this great but fairly unknown game, maybe even invite 3 friends over and see who'll get the gold in the end (or at least an arrow while shooting with the bow).

Reach for the Gold is fun, arcade-oriented collection of Olympic events. With cartoon graphics and simple controls, the game is strong on fun if short on realism, and as such appeals more to the sports fan who craves the adrenaline rush rather than accurate stats. The events you can compete in are: archery, boxing, skeet shooting, kayak, javelin, 100 meter dash, long jump, and swimming. Excellent animation and many hidden surprises enhance the replay value of this "beer and pretzel" old game.


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