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Race a single computer opponent for first place on a unique racetrack -- 100 feet in the air! You start in the fourth three-man division of a league, all racing each other twice, and must come top to progress. The action is viewed from within the car throughout the 3-lap races, with the distance between you always on screen.

Jump chasms, jumps, and drawbridges; take banks hard or slow; pass your opponent on the track or while catching mass air. Your car has the ability to burn a limited amount of turbo boost fuel as a way to accelerate faster and achieve higher speeds, but don't use it all up at once or you'll fall behind. Don't damage your engine too much; severe dents will show up during your next race.

Whatever you do, don't fall off the track, as this will cost you time as you are placed back on.

This driving game is entertaining and easily approachable, but a somewhat nerve wrecking driving experience. That would be my description of Stunt car driver in a nutshell.

Game is divided to four divisions. Each division has two rival drivers who you race against for promotion to higher and more challenging divisions. The amount of tracks is not very numerous, for there are only two tracks for each division. This is particularly problematic since the tracks have to be driven several times before the winner of the season is declared. This very quickly becomes monotonous. Initial tracks are quite easy, while in higher divisions the tracks become a lot more challenging. Luckily you are allowed to practice races as many times as you like before starting a season.

As if the tracks aren't challenging enough already, you must also keep you car in one piece as it takes damage from high falls, crashing opponents and similar abuse. Sometimes the car seems to take damage from, well, merely bumps. Enemy drivers don't seem to make many mistakes. They are quite slow at the beginning, but become a lot faster as the end of the first division nears its completion.

If you don't care much for textured graphics, stunt car driver is your choice. Tracks consist of only three colours: ground, sky and black lines on the track (that give you a little hint in which direction you are driving). Lack of texture or surface can sometimes confuse you when determining where you are about to land after a high jump or how you found yourself in the air in the first place. This problem becomes even more apparent in later races that are very complicated and difficult to drive. But considering the available computer resources in that time period, this is forgivable problem.

Sounds are not very complicated either: what you get is the car engine sound and a beep that indicates that car is taking damage. The sound of the car engine can be somewhat hypnotic.

While it is unfair to compare this game to later racing games, it must be said that subsequent games did it better. Once you complete Stunt Car Racer, there is nearly no replay value left. Short list of races is the biggest shortcoming, while the simplicity and lack of variation only add to the problem.

Nonetheless, the game is entertaining and I like to return to it every now and then. It's just that these very small problems make it shrink in company of colossal racing games, such as Stunts.

Stunt car driver is a good choice for fan of old racing and definitely worth trying out!

The flames bursting out of the gigantic mufflers in front of you make you forget there's only three colors on your screen. As soon as your car hits the ground you feel the urge to step on the gas and make that one-polygon opponent eat your dust.

Stunt Car Racer is a really wild racing game. Well it's not that much racing as you don't really encounter other cars except the only computer car you are racing against. But you aren't starting on the same place on the track. You can make the most incredible stunts like when you drive away from the ramp and smash your car to the ground, or when you are just about to drop from the ramp and instead smashes into a wall.

There is also a nice small turbo included with the car and some small nice flames pops up every time you use it. Overall a good game, but the game miss some real competition though.

Oh hey, wow - yeah! I still remember that game! This is hardcore racing - not just those ordinary Formula 1 tracks - how boring! No! You race over deadly tracks reminding more of a rollercoaster than a racing track. The gameplay is pretty good and with the league mode you got fun for quite some time. Considering the time the graphics of this game were pretty good - okay, the other cars look... stupid... anyway - the graphics around the game are nice and the racing went smooth even on "normal" machines back then (if you can dig out anything before a 486 these days you can consider yourself lucky - and THOSE did not even exist back then... 286 was high tech in 1990 ;) ). Also the controls are good - the car reacts promptly, but never seems to overreact on joystick-movement. Be sure not to forget to give yourself that extra boost by pressing the button - you can't win without it, but sometimes it can be a good idea to take that turn without it - leaving the track will let you lose time you don't have and make it pretty much impossible to win.

I really enjoyed this one - just as I did back in the old days. :) Unusual racing sim, good thing!

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