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Summer Games II gives you the opportunity to compete in eight Olympic sport events. The game allows you to compete in one, some, or all events. You may also practice each event.

The game allows up to 8 players to compete against one another. The players are allowed to enter their own names and select the country which they will represent. Medals are awarded at the end of each event.

Two of the events allow two player head-to-head competition: Rowing (single sculls) and Cycling. The other events featured in the game are the Triple Jump, Javelin, Equestrian, High Jump, Fencing and Kayaking.

The game presents opening and closing ceremonies. The gold medal winner's national anthem is played during the award ceremonies. High scoring performances are saved on disk as world records.

Eight Olympic events feature in this game, and any selection of these can be played at a time. There is no pure sprinting, and only the rowing and cycling can be thought of as pure joystick-waggling. The triple jump involves pressing right to start the hop (before reaching the white line), right again for the step as you land, left as you land for the jump, and then up to propel you through the sand. I high jump, after selecting a height you feel you can clear, you use up and down to control the speed, fire to jump, and then forward to propel you over the bar.

For the javelin even you hold down fire to build up speed, and push left to throw the javelin, holding it left before releasing to change the angle. In the equestrian event, you must use up to increase speed, and fire or right to jump when appropriate to clear the hazards - too many faults will see you disqualified.

Fencing involves moving your foil using the joystick, always staying one step ahead of your opponent, retreating when appropriate. The kayaking event involves navigating a river by controlling the direction, ensuring that all the gates are past correctly even when this requires some precise lining up. You can also load the events from Summer Games 1 in, to play all 16 events in a marathon session.

Summer Games II is a typical Epyx's sports game. It's sort of an extension to the Summer Games (that came out a year previously) and it's all about the Summer Games that took place in 1984 in L.A. You have a range of 15 countries and if you don't fancy any of them you can always be the athlete of Epyx (it's their standard feature to include the Epyx logo as the 16th country). Every player can naturally select a different flag (you're not all a part of the same Olympic team). The game also features two types of multiplayer.

In some events you compete against another player head to head (like in rowing or cycling), but in others (high jump) you compete in hot seat mode (taking turns). Then come the events, which you can practice individually (select an event and replay it as often as you like), compete in one event (chose just one event you like and compete in it against your friends), or all events in a row (you compete in all of the events, keeping scores for winning medals).

The events are as follows: Triple Jump:

It's important to keep running after you make the initial jump; otherwise your contestant will fall flat on the face. Rowing: Watch the rows, only move left or right in the optimal position.

When you reach the first pole prepare to jump, or else you'll just run a circle of shame instead of breaking the high jump record.

Don't get confused, you run by pressing enter and then press left or right to adjust the angle of the javelin before you release it.

It's just a fancy word for horse ridding. Make sure you jump over the obstacles, not to run into them.

Yes, you need to shish-ka-bob the other guy wearing the same clothes as you. Hurry up, the clock is ticking!

Remember, it's called cycling, because you need to move your legs in a circle to peddle. It's so much easier to make circular movements with the joystick then with the keyboard.

It's time to hit the wild waters in your little kayak and make sure you pass through all the gates. The controls are deliberately strange, because I guess they were trying to compensate for the calmness of the water. In reality the river would be wild and controlling the kayak would be even more difficult - but in accordance with natural physics, but here the water doesn't seem to be a problem.

So that's about it. Have fun and remember, it's not winning that matters most.

This follow-up to hugely popular Summer Games features 8 new events, each implemented with fluid animation and a good dose of realism that doesn't sacrifice the fun. The computer players now also compete more aggressively than before, making a gold medal win a real proof of sportsmanship. Certainly one of the few games that truly stand the test of time.

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