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The Test Drive series is Accolade's version of sports car racing games. You are racing against the clock, or a computer opponent, on a regular road with cars, and driving from gas station to gas station. There are several hazards: slow moving vehicles, crashing into objects of nature (crashing takes your life), police giving speeding tickets (which adds a time penalty), and driving over the edge of canyons.

I think that Test Drive 2: The Duel is the best of the three games, and I have three reasons for my choice: the best graphics (Test Drive 3 uses vector graphics, and I HATE early 90's vector graphics), the best racing game layout (classic Accolade style), and Test Drive was installed on my 80286 computer when I was a kid, so it was very primitive by comparison with its updated sequel.

This Triple Pack contains:

Test DriveTest Drive 2: The DuelTest Drive 3: The Passion

It also includes all the add-on disks for Test Drive 2: The Duel. This adds more cars (all the cars from Test Drive 1) and new scenery packs (Europe and California).

The problem with the games is the steering. It's very difficult to handle the car and to see if you're going to crash into objects or not. And the games seem a bit short when you get use to the steering. You can't save either, so you have to finish the whole game at once like most of the Accolade games; however, the scenery add-ons make TD2 three times longer than it originally was.


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