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F-22 Raptor from Novalogic is a flight/combat simulation for Windows. The game features campaign style missions that cover a range of types and styles.

Featuring over 30 campaign missions, F-22 Raptor lets you take on ground and air targets with the help of your Sidewinder missiles and 20mm Cannon. Fighter jets, Stealth Bombers and enemy bases are all targets and threats that you will have to contend with. Air, land and sea are where these bad boys are located, but don't take them lightly, they know how to take you out. They all possess armaments similar to yours and can pick you off from long distances. Also, your campaign's feature many other tasks like landing, taking-off, following waypoints and escorts. The missions will span over several months, with the difficulty slowly ascending.

There are also several other modes of play such as a Tutorial mode, where all the basics and proper techniques will be taught to you, this is especially helpful as there are many controls and maneuvers that a player must learn to totally master the game. Also, there is plenty of multi-player support, whether it be a modem or Null modem cable game, IPX network or the Internet. You can go head to head with someone around the world or just a friendly skirmish with a local friend.


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