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Forced Alliance is a high-end science fiction combat and adventure game. It features an intense first person space combat with intriguing alien diplomacy. Unlike other first person vehicle combat simulators, that give promotions and medals without changing the way one interacts with the game, Forced Alliance actually features real consequence of rank. As a Cadet you have the chance to train at the Academy. As a Pilot you have the chance to battle hostile enemies. As a Captain you have a chance to establish a alliance with aliens you don't really trust in order to save the universe. Obviously, this is not a game of chance, but a game of pure still.


The great Intergalactic War has left the galaxy in chaos. And a steadily increasing barrage of attacks on human ships leaves you with only one choice. You must set out on a series of covert missions to defeat the enemy. Everything you do, every enemy you kill or let get away, every decision you make will have an effect on the ever-changing plot.

Your Orders:

All right Cadet - throw all your deep space fighter experience right down the toilet. Until proven otherwise, from this moment on, you'll answer only to "Cadet." You will undergo a series of rigorous training exercises - all designed to provide you with the skills and discipline required to save humankind from extinction. You will be challenged. Broken. And ultimately molded into the intergalactic "bad-ass" High Command intends you to be. Advancement will depend on your ability to match diplomacy skills with four-star battle prowess. The fate of Mother Earth rests on your shoulders, young Cadet. One wrong move and we'll be kissing alien keister for the rest of our days. Good Luck, be well, and beware: failure is not an option. --HQ

Consequence of Rank & Action:

You start out as a rookie with no responsibilities. Instead of just receiving a medal or patch as in other games, the consequences of your move through the ranks will be reflected in the gameplay as you are given more responsibilities. As you progress from the rank of Cadet to Captain, you'll go from taking orders to giving them. The power and responsibility of commanding an entire fleet of ships will be yours. It's not just if you win or lose, or even how you play the game, now everything you do determines how the game is played, if it's played at all.

A Thickening Plot:

It's space combat with a twist. Your ship is a rock. Another is paper. Another is scissors. You can't beat them all and they can't all beat you. Plan your attacks accordingly. With unparalleled depth of play, set against out-of-this-world SGI graphics, figure out a constantly changing story as you maneuver and master four fighters, while dealing with three different alien races. Forced Alliance takes the space combat genre to the next level of true cause & effect reality. It looks and plays a lot more realistically than other space combat games and simulations.


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