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Monster trucks meet off-road venues in Thunder Truck Rally. Face 11 different terrain types ranging from blowing winds in the desert and canyons to volcanoes and glaciers. Drive any of nine 4X4s, each with its own unique driver, on over 60 circuits. Each vehicle has specific properties in the areas of acceleration, grip, turn, weight and armor.

A half dozen modes of racing are available. In Circuit Racing, race around three laps, taking shortcuts if you dare. Endurance racing is a competition against eight rival vehicles as you attempt to reach each of nine checkpoints ahead of your opponents. In the timed event Car Crushing, two vehicles (you against a computer-controlled truck) go head-to-head in a battle to see which can create the most damage to rows of cars.

Championship mode is a league competition against the other eight drivers. Driving in either Endurance or Circuit Racing modes, you begin in Division 3 and work your way up to Division 1 by winning each division along the way. In league play, you must race the circuits or courses in a pre-set order. Other options of gameplay include Time Trials and Practice. Multi-player action allows up to nine human players to take alternate turns at the same machine with rankings established after all participants have completed their turn.

The game offers three difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard. All the controls (keyboard is the default interface, although joystick is supported) can be customized as well as the level of detail (Gouraud Shading or Horizon).

Thunder Truck Rally is a an arcade-style 3d monster truck racing game. Here you will find all the normal racing game modes: championship, time trial, practice, and multi-player. In addition to the standard modes, there is a car-crushing competition that serves as both a separate game mode and a bonus round in the championship.

There are 9 different trucks to chose from. Each has their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Some are faster than others, but break more easily. Some turn corners more quickly, and some accelerate more quickly. The designs of the trucks vary greatly. Beyond the standard pickup and jeep type vehicles, you will find a VW bus and a sedan.

There two main types of races in Thunder Truck Rally. The first takes place in an open, free-roam area. Here, your objective is to race from point to point in the fastest time possible. The second type of race takes place in closed circuits with a fixed track that cannot be escaped. Here, you simply complete the circuit as fast as possible.

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