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ProPool 3D is the epitome of what a pool game should not be. Let me repeat that: should NOT be. The game is horrible in nearly all aspects.

For starters, there are no instructions other than a four-page booklet for installation purposes. A few online instructions exist but are not helpful. It's as if HeadGames Publishing does not want you to know how to play their game. Apparently, they feel people should be confused while playing and, if that was the intention, they succeeded admirably.

Once past the lack of instructions, we move on to the actual game itself. Now, had ProPool 3D not been too terribly difficult to figure out, HeadGames could be forgiven and congratulated for making a decent game. Unfortunately, this is not the case. ProPool 3D is nearly impossible to decipher. Buttons do not perform the actions expected, the view does not change when it should, the cursor disappears from the screen after pulling the cue back and so forth. Nothing works as it should in ProPool 3D.

In terms of graphics, ProPool 3D could be worse. The table looks nice but that's about it. Nearly every shot is marred by extraneous pop-in graphics, an aspect that is pathetic for a game made in 1999. Something seems to always get in the way of your view; either the table's lamp, a corner of the table or something else. It is simply incredible how terrible the views are.

Taking a shot is a chore in and of itself. Pulling back the cue and keeping accurate aim on the cue ball is the most difficult aspect of the game. The slightest move throws the equilibrium out of balance and sends the view flying. Furthermore, you really don't have much control over how hard your cue stick hits the cue ball.

The one aspect I like about ProPool 3D is the option to set how you want to play. You can change the display and emulation modes depending on whether your computer is faster than 166 MHz or not. This allows players with lower-end computers to play on a smaller screen. Unfortunately for HeadGames, however, I can't see anyone giving this game enough of a chance to really care about the different modes -- so the importance of the option becomes slim to none.

Graphics: Not terrible until you take into account the intrusive pop-in graphics factor.

Sound: The sound effects are fairly well done as is the instrumental rock music.

Enjoyment: The control is so horrible and gameplay so weak that enjoyment really doesn't factor in.

Replay Value: Too many problems to even consider replaying.


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