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Speed Boat Attack is here and it's Out Run on water! You've got a choice of suped-up speedboats from which to choose, all armed to the teeth and built for speed and offensive power. The aim of the game is to power your boat around one of ten courses and be first (or the only) one to cross the finish line.

The game offers lots of choices in terms of vehicles, courses, armaments and music. The graphics are superb, the music inspiring, and the gameplay easy to pick up. Although the racing can be frustrating on a machine with anything less than a Pentium 120Mhz, any machine with an MMX-enhanced processor will really present the graphics the way they were mean to be seen. This game was one of the first to be written specifically for the MMX technology and the combination of graphics and sound is a pleasurable experience.

The player can get a good feel for the game in the Arcade Mode, racing against five other boats over ten available courses. Race Mode is a sheer speed sensation, in which the courses are cleared of obstacles and pure, unadulterated racing takes place. The Action Mode introduces the elements of skill and strategic planning. Speed is still the primary concern, but blasting your competitors into the heavens is next on the list, along with avoiding mines, fire, and enemy commandos.

When the Arcade Mode becomes less of a challenge, the Championship League level of play will invigorate you. Here, the player must finish in the top three to qualify for the next race. Luckily, a time trial level is always available for practicing against the clock. You can even save your time and race against a ghost of yourself!

Speedboat Attack is a hugely enjoyable racing game with simple gameplay and a high quality, rich environment of sound and sight in which to play. Furthermore, it is the very first game I've seen with a genuine, non-hype health warning in its manual - advising resting 15 minutes for each hour of play, staying as far away from the monitor screen as possible, and playing in a brightly lit room! Wise words concerning such a potentially habit-forming title.


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