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Explore the streets of a city imported from a SimCity 2000 save or one of the more than 50 included in Streets of SimCity. The single player game is presented as a series of four mission packs each with a different theme. In each mission you play as a different character, such as a courier or a police officer. Completion of the various individual scenes in each mission rewards you money that can be used to upgrade your vehicle's tires, armor, weapons, etc. In the multiplayer version players compete deathmatch style against other drivers. The driving perspective can be changed from a behind the car view, to a cockpit view, to a cockpit view without a dashboard. Important information such as the status of your armor and weapons appears in the upper corners of the display. In addition, a radar like map shows the location of important objects, such as packages and other cars, in relation to you and the city map. Driving around your own created cities is easily accomplished and the difficulty settings allow many possible mission combinations.


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