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Abracadata enters the PC railroad wars with a nuts-and-bolts train simulation offering pre-designed tracks, trains, carriers, layouts, and management challenges. Up to four trains per layout are permitted, as you customize and control train length, consists, cargo, delivery schedules, camera perspectives, expenses, and revenues. Switch between cabs of the four trains, repair minor damage, and monitor speed and braking as you experience the 25 pre-designed layouts, complete with detailed maps and hints.

Mission layouts in 3D Railroad Master include escalating difficulty factors regarding train size, scheduling, time constraints, cargo deliveries, revisions, and management of scenarios. Train operations feature in-cab views, a helicopter viewpoint, and various options including a winter version of each layout (optimized to use fewer scenery objects and less system resources), overview maps, switches, cargo load outs, and more.

The manual contains full instructions for creating layouts from scratch or customizing existing scenarios, but usage requires purchase of the companion title 3D Railroad Concept and Design, the program used to create the included pre-designed layouts. 3D Railroad Master features a trainload full of keyboard shortcuts, windowed menu screens, and help files, as well as a bonus "Train-Teasers" CD with screen savers, slider and jigsaw puzzles, and games.


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