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In Panzer Commander, a World War II tank simulator from Strategic Simulations Incorporated (SSI), you can take control of any one of over 24 tank types from 4 different countries. The game features 6 different campaigns, each with 20+ scenarios and also has 40 stand alone scenarios. Couple this with an additional 12 multiplayer scenarios and a powerful scenario editor that allows you to adjust over 150 variables to create your own custom game and you have very solid replayability value.

The in game graphics are very good but not outstanding. 3D graphics effects include texture mapping, directional lighting and fog effects. The game does boast main gunner, machine gunner, driver and copula views which are historically accurate. The movie clips for the game are still shots instead of moving shots and this is quite disappointing. However, the sound is very good, all of your guns sound realistic and the sounds of your tank crew talking to you, makes you feel as if you are sitting in the tank with them.

I found the movement of the tank you command in Panzer Commander to be much easier to control with the joystick than the keyboard. An advanced physics model simulates realism of movement over the varied terrain types and of weapon recoil and performance. The interface for the game is straight forward and easy to use. The 121 page user manual and especially the quick reference card are very helpful and necessary to help the player learn all of the controls for the game.

Multiplayer support for up to 6 players. Panzer Commander supports both IPX and TCP/IP network protocols.

As you win campaigns in Panzer Commander you can upgrade your tanks. Another great feature in this game is that it allows you to choose if you want to be the main or machine gunner, the driver or the commander of your tank as an intelligent crew jumps to follow your commands and improve their abilities with each successfully completed scenario. The computer AI (Artificial Intelligence) is very solid.

Graphics: Nicely done. Best with 3dfx card.

Sound: Good overall sound and speech.

Enjoyment: Game is somewhat repetitive and can be monotonous at times.

Replay Value: An abundance of scenarios and multiplayer ability mean good replay value.


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