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AquaNox is a 3D combat sim set deep beneath the ocean surface on a distant-future Earth. Though sharing basic commonalities with more conventional flight and space combat simulations, AquaNox takes place in a strange environment best accessible through more speculative imagination. Instead of fighter jets blasting through the clouds above or starships battling in the void of deep space, AquaNox invites virtual pilots to board advanced submarines and explore a dark undersea world rife with sprawling human cities, powerful currents, ruthless pirates, and dangerously enormous creatures of mythological monstrosity.

Officially, AquaNox is a sequel to 1996's Archimedean Dynasty, which was also created by Massive Development. In a continuation of the Archimedean Dynasty story, AquaNox takes place nearly seven centuries in Earth's future, when nuclear devastation has rendered the surface of the planet uninhabitable and forced humankind to build a new civilization on the ocean floor. A thick layer of rotting organic material now covers the planet's surface, protecting the ocean depths from the ravages of the nuclear disaster above but also shielding the undersea world from any sunlight. As in the original title, AquaNox players take the role of the mercenary Emerald "Dead Eye" Flint to pilot a variety of high tech submarines through over 30 missions of volatile action and strategic political intrigue.

Technically, the game is intended to set new standards. AquaNox runs on a version of Massive Development's own krass engine, a system created to be as versatile and customizable as it is powerful. While the game is designed run on a variety of machines with a wide range of specifications, special features have been incorporated to make use of new capabilities offered by the GeForce 3 graphics chip, which became available to the public on high-end video cards a few months before the release of the game. GeForce developers nVidia used a pre-release version of AquaNox to showcase the power of the new GPU's technology.

Aquanox is an first-person shooter set in a spectacular undersea world in the year 2666. Maybe you should to know that Aquanox is actually a sequel to 1997's Archimedean Dynasty, a subsim game that is similar in style to space sims like Privateer. That's why Aquanox features a similar design, as you'll return to the underwater world of Aqua featured in Archimedean Dynasty as a mercenary who gains credits by completing combat missions. However the games are pretty different, while Archimedean Dynasty was a complex, mission-based simulation with trading and privateering, Aquanox is fast paced fist-person shooter! The game features over 30 single-player-missions, 9 completely different playerships, over 40 different enemies, including gigantic creatures, solid story and detailed world with over 70 NPCs and multiplayer support including deathmatch, teambased etc. You can tell me, that gameplay in Aquanox is too much simplistic, but I don't care :) I have been playing Aquanox for the past five days and I like this game very much. I could say it's pretty addictive shooter.

Set in a bleak future after Earths surface has been shattered by nuclear warfare, AquaNox introduces a futuristic 3D world immersed deep in a massive ocean. Human survivors have created a new empire, sending gigantic submarines to plow along the world's seafloors. Gamers play the role of the roguish Emerald "Dead Eye" Flint, the mercenary with many talents and connections in the underwater world. Flint faces a new menace that surfaces from the sunken caverns - horrifying creatures and ancient gods that were once sealed in the oceanic caves. In this dangerous yet beautiful new world, the gamer discovers glittering underwater cities, dazzling aquatic flora and fauna, and massive natural formations in jaw-dropping detail.

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