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FIFA Soccer 2004 continues EA SPORTS' best-selling franchise with a new control scheme, in-depth Career Mode, and online competition exclusive to both the PC and PlayStation 2 versions of the game. Once again players are treated to a comprehensive lineup of team and players, with over 500 official licenses that include Major League Soccer as well as the top teams from Europe and South America. In total, players will be able to participate in 16 different leagues consisting of 500 teams and 15,000 world-class athletes, each individually rated in a number of key attributes. These stars will compete within a number of authentic stadiums, with the atmosphere further heightened by an additional 300 crowd chants over previous titles in the series.

A feature referred to as "Off the Ball Control" lets players guide those apart from whoever is in possession of the ball, helping to create scoring opportunities by running to different parts of the field, calling in tackles, and more. Individual plays, strategies, and formations can also be adjusted on the fly, with team AI and player tendencies designed to reflect their real-life counterparts. The Career Mode offers franchise play with front-office decision-making in the areas of budget and in meeting fan expectations. Once players get accustomed to competition against the computer, they can take their skills online and challenge opponents from around the world. A lobby area offers players of all skill levels a chance to meet and chat with other FIFA Soccer fans before playing a head-to-head game.


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