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FIFA 2000: Major League Soccer is part of the soccer franchise from the good people at EA Sports. The game is definitely worth a look. There are lots of things to do once you first load up this game. Friendly games, Season Modes, Tournaments and Training are all paths of play that you can choose to follow. There are many teams represented on this CD-ROM, including international teams from more than 15 countries and their leagues. So, if you want to be Manchester United from the English Premier League, you can.

All of the players and rosters are fairly current as well, but trading and management will let you stay totally up to date. Options are also highly configurable in this game. Weather, fouls, formations, graphical details and many other general and team-specific items can be altered, giving the game quite a bit of depth. You will have lots to do before actually playing a match. International recording star Robbie Williams has also been cyber-scanned into the game so that you can see him when he sings in the introduction to the game.

The graphics in the game are very well done. Players are beautifully animated and the stadiums also possess enough atmosphere and movement to get you going. The one drawback of the visuals is that they do seem a bit cartoon-like but, even so, they still look very smooth and the frame rates are high. Facial expressions and gestures in the game also look great, making the experience of playing the game much more realistic and believable. The crowd also animates quickly so that the illusion of a raging sea of fans is noticeable.

In the sound department things go slightly downhill, though they don't hit rock bottom. True, the crowd noise and standard effects sound like you're at a real game, but I can't say the same for the commentators. EA Sports shouldn't have gotten an American who doesn't sound like he knows much about the sport, nor a color commentator who is also trying to sound like she knows a lot. It's not just them, however, it's the fact that they often get cut off and are too vague when describing the play. They rarely say an actual name and they get a little repetitive in what they say as well.

Overall, however, this title plays extremely well. I had a great time playing shoot-outs and season modes. The amount of customization for your team is excellent and the game itself just moves smoothly, even without help from 3dfx. The players all move well and the amount of moves they possess really makes playing a challenge, but that's a good thing. You must work to become a skilled player, especially if you want to hold your own on the harder difficulty settings.

The AI in the game is also fairly competent and will often steal the ball from you, attack vigorously and defend hard when it needs too. The goalies for both sides are also much more into the game in this year's rendition. They react quickly and rarely show ignorance or let the ball "pass" right through them.

I was impressed with FIFA 2000: Major League Soccer as it held it's own visually and in the gameplay department. Sound-wise, it was somewhat shoddy on the commentary but did manage to stay afloat. I feel this game will provide buyers with lots of value due to the sheer number of modes, customization, gameplay and multi-player support. Definitely a strong showing from the people at EA Sports.

Graphics: Smooth frame rates and raging crowds, a bit cartoon-like though. Still looks great.

Sound: Weak commentary helped by great crowd noise and ambient effects.

Enjoyment: I had quite a bit of fun playing this game. The AI is much better than in previous versions and the moveset is great.

Replay Value: Lots of game modes, players and things to do. You can customize so many things for a team.


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