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Learn the secrets of bass fishing by casting off with Bass Class. In this simulation you will select all the small details that will determine whether you catch the big one or go home empty handed.

Six different rods and 2300 different lure combinations are how specific the details get. You can even choose whether you want to use an outboard motor, trolling motor or paddling to get to where you want on one of the six different lakes in this game.

Once in your location of choice via keyboard controls make your lure/rod selections and cast off using the mouse or keyboard watching out for hazards. Control your line and reel in and maybe you'll catch one of the dozens of different kinds of fish in each lake. LCD Depthfinders and other accessories will help you locate the best place to cast off. After fishing in the given time you must make it back to the weighing station and get your catch weighed against the AI players' catch. Only then will you know if you've learned anything about bass fishing.

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