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EA Sports is well known for their superior sports titles. One of their more popular series is the Triple Play series. Started back on the Genesis, EA Sports has ported over the fun and excitement of the Genesis version onto the PlayStation console.

Probably the game's strongest point is gameplay. Triple Play 97 excels in gameplay, with gamers given a plethora of options. The batting interface is very defined. Players can choose from three different stances of batting, which has a major impact on ball placement. Along with that, players can control whether they hit a pop fly or a grounder. They can opt to pull the ball or go in the opposite direction. EA Sports has implemented a very diverse batting system in Triple Play 97. All the Major League teams are present and accounted for in Triple Play 97, which makes for even more realistic play. Fielding and base running is executed very well. Control layout isn't hard to grasp, being simple enough for novices to pick up and start playing, all the while maintaining a level of depth that veteran players will appreciate.

Graphics are very nice. While no polygons are present, the sprite-based characters look and react nice to their environments. Stadiums are all accounted for up to the '96 season and look like their real-life counterpart.

Sound-wise, EA Sports really did their homework. Stadiums come alive with crowd sounds, horn noise and other little extras. All the action is brought to you by the in-game announced Jim Hughson (who is a hidden character in the game). While the commentary is funny and entertaining, it tends to fall behind sometimes when the action gets heated.

If you're looking for a top-notch baseball title, Triple Play 97 will certainly not disappoint.

Graphics: Sprite-based characters and well replicated stadiums round out this visual feast. Pixelated to a point, but nice overall.

Sound: Dynamic sound. The game really sounds 'alive'.

Enjoyment: Baseball fans will really appreciate the hard work EA Sports put into Triple Play 97. Great baseball action with few complaints.

Replay Value: Play through with your favorite teams, and then bring a friend over to show off your newfound skills. Definitely a party game.

Many of the features that players have come to expect in a baseball game are featured in this early edition of the Triple Play series.

A manager mode that allows players to be traded just like in real baseball is included. Since the game is licensed by the MLB and players associations, it has all the teams and players of the 1997 season.

Game modes include exhibition, series play, all-star playoffs, and full and partial season play - in which players also sustain injuries and go on hot and cold streaks. The Home Run Derby is an additional feature.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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