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Relive the 1994 National Football League season or draft your own teams and create a personalized league with Ultimate Football '95 by MicroProse. Guide your favorite team against computer or human opponents as you play an entire schedule or individual games. Make trades, design plays, make on the field decisions, get involved in the execution of every play or direct the AI on how to manage your team -- the choice is yours.

Ultimate Football '95 contains numerous customizable options for both gameplay and setup. Using the Team Editor allows you to add, change, and delete players, teams, and coaches. The Playbook Editor allows you to change, add, and delete specific plays included in each team's specific playbook -- use it to create a new plan of execution for your favorite teams.

When playing against the computer, you have two choices of gameplay. First is Coach mode in which you conduct business from a purely strategic standpoint without participating in the actual on-field action. If player control on the field is what you're looking for, utilize the Action mode that combines both strategic decisions and execution. If playing against a human opponent, both modes are available to each player.

Other features available during gameplay and setup include setting the length of each quarter, the amount of detail shown for each stadium (e.g., outdoor grass, artificial turf, dome, etc.) and the time of day the game is to be played. Still more choices include a weather option, temperature at game time, wind speed and direction, sound, and instant replay (film) options.

If the NFL isn't your thing, create your own league with up to 30 "fantasy league" teams, built from the ground-up in a draft procedure of existing NFL players (based on 1994 statistics) or develop your own players with their own statistics, capabilities and ratings. Statistics are tracked in over 40 categories during season play. The 1995 edition of the Franchise Football League designed for fantasy football leaguers is included with the game.

Think you've got what it takes to guide your favorite team to the Super Bowl? Tackle Ultimate Football '95 and find out!

Replay the 1994 National Football League season or draft your own teams. Play your favorite team against computer or human opponents. Play the entire schedule or individual games. You can make trades, design plays, make on the field decisions. Select Coach mode for a strictly strategic game or Action mode to play a game that has both strategy and player control. The game can be controlled by mouse or joystick. Other options at your control are:

Quarter length - set for five, ten or fifteen minutes.

Stadium detail - set for Outdoor Grass, Outdoor Artificial, or Domed.

Game Time - set for Daytime, Evening or Nighttime.

Weather - divided into two sections, precipitation and temperature. Precipitation can be set for Snow, Rain or Clear.

Temperature - can be set for Very Hot, Hot, Warm, Cool, Cold or Frigid.

Wind Speed - set for No Wind, Slight Wind, Moderate Wind and Gusting Wind.

Wind Direction - can be set for Cross Wind, Swirling Wind, Northerly Wind or Southerly Wind.

Sound - turn the digital or analog sound on and off.

Film Saves - use this option to instruct the Game Films to save All Plays, No Plays, or only the Big Plays.

Ultimate Football '95 also provides a Team Editor. Here any team can have its players, coaches and lineups changed. Create that unstoppable team.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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