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Eastern Europe: a war-torn segment of a continent desperately needing intervention -- you are the one chosen to be that interloper. You man the cockpit of a highly advanced, top-secret, Russian gun-ship, the Ka-52 Alligator. It has some of the most complex and highly acute sensory equipment and radar on the planet, not to mention some serious firepower.

From inside the high-detail cockpit, you execute a campaign with over 100 missions and plenty of objectives. You control fleets of up to 16 Ka-52 Alligators and deal with more than 160 friendly and dangerous units on the ground and in the air. Missions take you throughout Eastern Europe where you perform hit and run missions, reconnaissance patrols and all-out assaults on major installations.

Ka-52 Team Alligator is from the same team that created the Team Apache series and follows suit with a strict simulation of high-tech warfare. You can manipulate many controls inside the cockpit and view the action from multiple angles. 3D acceleration allows for large environments and plenty of sweeping landscapes to absorb during flight.

In addition to campaign mode, a multi-player mode that supports up to eight players is available. Over the Internet or via a LAN, you have the option to compete against your friends and foes in a variety of different games and styles with many stipulations on winning conditions. The multi-player mode also features real-time chat for immediate response to threats or planning strategies!

Prepare to take on the deadliest combat helicopter in history and use it as your instrument of destruction!


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