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The Jetfighter series began in the late 1980's and offered something different with each version. The game is now in its sixth version and seems to have given up trying to be complex and appeal to hard-core simulation fans. This game is more like the old school arcade games when everything was about blowing up the never ending bad guys, along with everything else. The main problem with Jetfighter in this respect is that it can get a little repetitive and players could easily lose interest in the games. The packaging of Jetfighter 2015 is very appeasing; for a bargain price it comes with a separate disc of Jetfighter V. It is bargain price for a reason: it looks about like the same Jetfighter game that first appeared in the 80's.

Flight simulation game developers will have no fear once they see Jetfighter 2015; takeoffs and landings will not be a problem here as each mission starts you off already in the air. Problems that occur in the air, such as stalls, fuel outages, weapon load outs, and red outs, are non-existent. Anything that might frighten or worry a real pilot is not an issue. Jetfighter only needs a few keys and a mouse, a joystick isn't even necessary and all of the common commands are easily accessible.

The game begins with players fighting terrorism in the backwoods of South America. Here the "bad guys" are in their final planning stages: making and selling drugs, developing nuclear weapons to aim at the United States, and destroying anyone who happens to cross their path or get in their way. You are the sole pilot in the only airplane that America has to spare to fight them, and you must stay alive and put an end to the madness for your sake and that of your country.

Gameplay in Jetfighter does not have that many options available for play. Available training sessions are available and even though they are very short, they are quite informative. A free-flight mode enables you to practice your flying skills and glide around in various locations without having to worry about shooting down enemies. The main event of the game is one big cause composed of 15 individual missions. In each mission you will find yourself closer and closer towards your final goal, with hoards of enemies along the way who will stop at nothing to deter you.

An average scene involves locating a drug plantation, blowing it to bits, and blowing up all of the flying enemy machines sent you to stop you. Pretty much, just blow up everything. Targets will have to be found and destroyed as well; targets include a wide range of objects, such as buildings, ships, submarines, and different kind of aircraft such as bombers, helicopters, and fighter jets.

Fighting scenes, which encompass most all of the game, are very busy and complete mayhem, with mobile airborne enemies going above, below, and all around you. Even though there is all this activity and movement, it is kind of defeated because all enemies enter from exactly the same place on their respective missions, making it easy to predict where enemies will be when you start a mission over. On the plus side, their combat movements are not unlike your own. Some missions have extra elements and features added, such as the job of protecting a fleet of ships or giving cover for a friendly helicopter.

This game works just like the original arcade games and is based on the principle that if enough enemies come at you, you will no doubt fail repeatedly and have to play and replay a mission millions of times until you have everything memorized and know what is going to happen in advance. Most all missions are tough, but some are seemingly impossible, difficult enough that you may have to take an occasional break from extreme frustration.

Jetfighter 2015 has an adequate visual display, but the graphics aren't anything to have a party over. Basically, it looks old. Special video effects are limited and modern features, such as time of day variables or environmental and weather changes, just don't exist. The terrain has hills and rivers but is kind of boring. Explosions, which happen very often, breaks into a few large pieces and aren't realistic at all. One good thing is the ability to play from several different camera perspectives and use missile cams, weapon indicators, and radar. There are nicely animated vehicles encountered in the heat of action also.

One of the most frustrating and irritating things about this game are the cut scenes that turn up every time you discover an enemy base or come upon an important target. No matter how many times you have repeated a level, you still have to sit through these annoying cut scenes. It's just a waste of time.

Jetfighter 2015 does offer a multi-player mode; it is in the simple death match format. The problem might be finding someone else to play at the same time you want to. There is no kind of service to match you up with another player, so good luck finding one on your own.

Audio and sound in Jetfighter 2015 is exactly what you would expect from this game. There are big and loud explosions and clear voices coming from your superiors and onboard computer. There aren't really any engine or cockpit sounds to speak of, which would have been a nice addition. Any other sounds you might hear is muted and not important enough to pay attention to.

Jetfighter 2015 is a title that is made for the pilots that are watching their budget and do not have high expectations. The shoot everything you see, ask no questions, takes no names philosophy is incorporated here and if you are an old arcade game lover, this is the game for you.


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