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"Manhattan Chase will let you choose between Angel, a brave and proud member of the NYPD, and Yasmin, a cold-hearted and sadistic criminal. Reveal the exciting story about these two completely different girls by finishing all episodes from both sides of the law! As if these action-packed story-episodes are not enough to guarantee a long lifetime of this game, there are also 6 multi-play modes and 2 instant-action modes available.

Team6 did their best to make this their most challenging game ever. The car-chases are more intense, aggressive and addictive then showed in any other game ever before, and the 3rd person action makes sure there is plenty of variation in game play terms. In 3rd person the girls carry effective but 'ordinary' weapons such as a machinegun, grenade launcher or sniper. But once inside one of the dozen available cars the mass-destruction weapons become available! Vulcan-cannons, Multi-missiles, homing rockets, mines and even air strikes are yours to use or abuse."

That was from the official site folks. Please don't think I said any of that. I'm not entirely sure why this game was even created or even more so what some 'other' review site would give this game an 8/10 score. But I suppose that's why you come here, to get the REAL truth on how a game is. Size isn't supposed to be everything. So even with Chase Manhattan being roughly 300MB in size comparable to some of today's games being 3000MB, I figured I'd at least give it a shot.

Game Play/Controls:

Did anyone play this before the final code was released? You use the arrow keys to move, along with some other off the wall keyboard shortcuts to move your character around and use items. As that wasn't making things difficult enough... trying to control any vehicle in the game was near impossible. The car would get up to it's highest speed in Km/H (why not MPH?) and start barreling down the roadway. Well good luck making a turn EVEN if you tried to slow down. The car would have a terrible under/over steer either way you turned. I especially enjoyed just ploughing through things like trees, park benches, lamp posts and any other type of fixed object that in real life would probably kill me or at least total my car. Not in Chase Manhattan! No sirrie Bob! Their cars must have some type of magical protection where you can just slam head first into a solid brick wall at what feels like 200MPH and your car just flips a couple times in the air like Echo the dolphin. Not a scratch on the car! Wonderful and so unrealistic at the same time! There are some weapons in Chase Manhattan. At first I started out with a police car and a side mounted mini machine gun. Now every police car should have one of those! Off I go watching my radar and trying my hardest to catch up to the bad guy.

After finally learning how to semi control my car, I caught up to him. Since I changed the default controls around, I hit my left mouse button and open fire. A couple seconds later, the enemy car blew up and I beat the level. I beat the level??? Yes, I beat the level. Woohoo. Next level and I'm out of my car now. I carry this nice machine gun that miraculously never runs out of ammo. Must be the same place where I picked up that indestructible car from! Almost immediately some bad guys wwwaaaayyy off in the distance start firing at me and of course hitting me. Now anyone shooting at you from the length of a city block away isn't really going to be able to hit you at all. But in Chase Manhattan they can.... of course. So I take them out and move forward. This car comes driving up to me from behind and a "Watch Out!" appears at the top of the screen. I turn around an open fire on it. The car blows up, but the lower frame of the car and wheels continue down it's path killing innocent people and thus failing my mission. I did this about five times until I wanted to shoot the game itself. I finally figured out how to get past that part and moved up some. Then some guy with an automatic unlimited ammo (gotta get one of these things) rocket launcher just opens fire and wipes me and everything around me out. That's where I hit my Escape key and ended my self torture.


Now here there was a pleasant surprise. There was some nice upbeat rock 'n' roll/heavy metal music playing in the background when I was driving around. It sounded nice and clear and is what gave this game it's only .5 score. All other audio was pretty mundane.


Blocky, unfinished and cheaply done. The characters had no dimensions to them. They seemed like moving paper dolls with flat features. Background objects and even those that had some interactivity to them were done poorly. Explosions looked like yellow and red chunks of I don't know what flying through the air. They put some type of comic strip scene in between levels. Each of the dialog boxes had some off the wall, stupid comment or phrase inside of it.


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