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In the early '90s, the general public had been fed a great deal of propaganda about the fierceness of Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard, one of the top fighting forces in the world -- though, as it turns out, one with a glaring vulnerability to air power. In their successful attempt to oust the Iraqi army from Kuwait (being careful to leave Saddam in power) through an overwhelming display of power, the coalition of the West in operation Desert Storm soon found their grizzled opponents only too eager to surrender and save their hides. This program commemorates their efforts, indicating a line of happily compliant soldiers, alive, in mental contrast to the stilled parade of "crispy critters" along the turkey shoot of the Highway of Death back to Basra.

To drive home the point of what a straw man the opposing forces ended up being, the program runs through to completion upon execution without any input needed from the player; however, if the author was more prescient, he might have instructed the program to lie dormant for twelve years and then fire up some horrifying no-win program like Forbidden.exe or Punishment for what John McCain suggests might be ten thousand years.

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