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Building upon success developed through a half-dozen releases over the past 20 years, Microsoft returns to the skies with a new degree of realism and potential for customization in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002. The series has become the standard for PC flight sims, with many third-party developers creating add-ons and mods that bring new planes and scenarios to the basic structure past verisions of the Microsoft game. This title is designed to live up to its heritage.

The 2002 edition improves upon its predecessors by adding several features designed to provide a richer, more realistic experience. New aircraft includes the Boeing 747-400 and the Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP. Pilots who brave the busy airports will interact with an air traffic control tower to guide them safely through the crowded skies. The program can also generate appropriate scenery "on the fly," adding buildings and vegetation suitable to the areas the player travels above. New planes, visual effects, and activities also enhance play in this edition.


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