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Wheelman is an automotive-action video game built on the framework of a Hollywood movie, starring Vin Diesel in the lead role. An open-world interpretation of Barcelona, Spain, is the setting for the violent driving adventure. Players take control of the character Milo Burik, an expert wheelman, modeled after Diesel. Burik's got a shady past he thought he'd left behind, but chivalry calls on him to ply his underworld street racing skills one more time, to infiltrate a crime organization and rescue a woman from his past. In addition to behind-the-wheel challenges of speed, stunts, and style, players will control Burik in missions that have him out of the vehicle and on foot, waging fistfights and gunfights from a Grand Theft Auto-style third-person perspective. High-speed tricks and stunts fuel the game's driving missions. The lead character can commandeer nearly any vehicle he comes across, and even leap from one moving car to take control of another, performing an in-motion "air jack." Announced in early 2006, Wheelman was created in collaboration with Diesel's Tigon Studios. A film version, continuing the story of the game began development at the same time as the video game.


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