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VSTEP's Ship Simulator Extremes expands upon previous entries in the Dutch developer's seafaring sim series, with new real-world missions, a greater variety of watercraft to control, and a cooperative online multiplayer mode. Virtual skippers can take the wheels of huge tankers, tough little tugboats, fast and agile interceptors, and even experimental hovercraft, among other commercial ships and private boats. Similar to earlier editions of Ship Simulator, the software is built around a sophisticated physics model, which produces realistic weather and water conditions, for authentic performance and handling of each vessel. Ship Simulator Extremes' missions include adventuresome outings set around the globe. Players can guide an ocean liner through a powerful storm at sea, pilot a Coast Guard vessel to evacuate a tropical island endangered by an active volcano, and search out illegal whaling operations in the Antarctic, among dozens of other pre-designed scenarios. The game is licensed by Greenpeace to feature the international environmental organization's real-life ships and activities. Internet-connected players can set sail together in cooperative missions and online events.


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