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Starting Titus' racing series of third-person perspective racing games, Crazy Cars encompasses the American Cross Country Prestige Cars Race. This takes in several parts of the USA, in several powerful cars. Initially you have a Porsche 911 Turbo in your hands, but this can later be upgraded to a Lamborghini and then a Ferrari. There are other cars on the road, which you must avoid contact with. Bumps and divots in the road throws the car off course, as does contact with any of the roadside barriers. Each race must be completed within the time limit.

Crazy Cars is a simple racing game that I will never really understand how it started an entire trilogy. Sorry, but the first part just doesn't seem to be good enough to keep the series alive. At least not the first PC game, although the C64 game isn't much better (just has better graphics).

You have one car, a Mercedes, and you need to race across the USA with it. On the way you overtake other cars, and are trying to beat the clock. If the time runs out before you reach the end of a stage - better luck next time.

The controls are really simple. You get to accelerate, break, turn left or right (no gear shift, or anything). When you reach the side of the road nothing happens (the car doesn't flip or anything) and there aren't really any obstacles you couldn't avoid. You only need to watch out for hitting other cars, because if you do, you are slowed down and the time is running out. Also if you hit a car and slow down, the cars behind you may overtake you and if they hit you on the way they make you jump.

While in the air (either by jumping over sections of the road, or by getting hit by another car) you are loosing speed and you can maneuver. So it's not a good thing to jump, especially if other cars are overtaking you (you might wanna move to the side of the road while you get enough speed to get really back to racing).

And that's about it. You might also bribe the judges to turn a blind eye at the clock, but you need to get that far first.

The game features CGA 4 color graphics, but you can choose the color palette or you can turn the colors off and get a B/W game. You can also turn the sounds on/off and toggle the joystick, but none of it makes the game any better or more fun.

The only thing that might be slightly interesting is the high score list at the end, if you really want to compete for the best time and have some friends who'll by some miracle love this game, so you'll have the hot seat race. Otherwise it's a waste of time.

So the final judgment... The only good thing that came out of this game was the third part - Crazy Cars 3 a.k.a. Lamborghini American Challenge - already on the site.

Little race game. Drive with your mercedes down the road. Get checkpoints and points. Looks a bit like Out Run, but this game as also some good music tracks!

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