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And here we finally have the third part of the Crazy Cars series. It's the only part of the series that really has some qualities I guess that's why they made a second version of it (although two years latter) calling it the Lamborghini American Challenge.

The game features VGA graphics and soundblaster csounds. Don't get too excited about those, they're still crappy.

It's a single player game, where you can practice a course or compete for the title. You get to improve your car, you run against opponents and there's a lot of traffic on the road which can be quite bothersome (especially the cops).

The game handles nice and it reminds me a lot of the single player mode in Lotus 3 (which is one of my all time favs arcade style racing game).

So you will probably enjoy this game, but I'd still recommend you to try the Lamborghini American Challenge instead of this one (every racing game that offers a two player mode is better then racing against the computer only).

Part of the Crazy Cars Trilogy

Well, this is just one of my favourites when it comes to driving games! The game is a bit like the game Death Rally, but it's less dark and agressive. There are some races in which you can compete against 19 other drivers. It's on a normal road, so there are also cars not joining in the race who will obviously drive 3 times slower. You will gain enormous speeds like 272 Km/h in the beginning of the game and after upgrading your car a few times speeds like 320 Km/h and even faster. Before the race you will meet your direct rivals, if there are some. Mostly there are 3 or 2 of them. You can bet some money on winning the race. Upgrading your car costs money, but beware that you keep enough money for your races, because it costs money to enter them.

The graphics aren't very impressive, the sounds are not what you would expect of a game, the gameplay is not perfect, but the game itself is cool. Just cool! If you like this game, maybe you should also try the games Street Rod 2 and Death Rally.

In the third and final installment of the Crazy Cars trilogy, race your Ferarri in several USA locations to prove you are, once and for all, the hotshot you say you are.

Gameplay is expanded on from the previous two titles by adding the ability to climb (or fall down) the rungs of a division ladder, upgrading your car, and betting on a race's outcome to increase your available cash.


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