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Imagine being in the automobile industry and designing what you consider a dream car, the Edsel for example, only to watch it become a joke and abject failure. Well, in Detroit, that very thing can happen, but this time you're given the opportunity to make improvements to it that will drive you to the top of the car charts. The basic premise of this economic simulation and deep strategy game revolves around your prowess at managing every aspect of an automobile company and competing worldwide to establish your company as the best. This comprehensive game covers nearly every conceivable hands on decision a wannabe auto-mogul would have to make. Just a few areas you'll have to deal with include personnel management, basic car design, safety issues, public opinion, engine and design research, testing, economic and historical fluctuations based on real life events (like wars and depressions), expansion in domestic and global markets, production and factory upgrades, all the while keeping a sharp eye out for technological and media advances as the years progress. As head of the company in Detroit, you'll have to compete against three other human or computer opponents and dig deep in the strategy bin to come out on top. If you don't like analyzing research charts and graphs covering a huge range of industry appropriate subjects that help you focus on profits and efficiency, you can still immerse yourself in the joys of automobile design, although you'll miss the competitive heart of the game.

The designers of Detroit did not put a great deal of emphasis on sparkling graphics, sound or music and one of the minor flaws involves the lack of an option to specialize in advertising compaigns for a specific car model (you have to advertise the entire line). These seemingly weak areas of game design do not, however, make Detroit a lemon. In fact, the more time spent playing the game the less important those aspects become and appreciation sets in for the fact that so much effort went into the game play. Glitzy graphics would have been nice, especially for a car design game, but the level of detail and the authentic feeling of managing your own empire transcends that fault. The point and click interface, while mostly intuitive and easy to use, can be sticky at times and the sheer number of screens and amount of necessary and available information to access can be confusing until the learning curve is behind you. All of these minor complaints are not much more inconvenient than a bug on a windshield. You can still drive to and arrive safely at your destination.

Detroit is turn based with each turn equaling a month. It begins in 1908 and covers 100 years. A nice to have feature would be the option to begin empire building in a more current year but by levying this restriction the designers have assured a fair economic historical base. If you enjoy a solid challenge that requires thought and vision, grab this one off the assembly line.

Graphics: Weakest part of the game. Designer's directed most of their efforts to creating game play rather than a flashy look. Graphics are plain and uninspired which oddly enough detracts little from the car designs.

Sound: Average at best. Again, priorities obviously didn't include killer music or sound effects. On the bland side.

Enjoyment: Even with the visual and audio packages resembling compacts instead of luxury vehicles, Detroit offers a vast amount of interesting, entertaining and immersive game play. Here's a case of not judging a book by its cover. Solid enjoyment based on the smooth ride.

Replay Value: Couldn't be much better. If you fail miserably (or even succeed beyond your wildest dreams) just try again. So many meaningful options allow unlimited variations to game play.

This game is the one for all of you who ever dreamt of making your own set of wheels. In Detroit you must develop, produce and sell automobiles. The game takes you back to the beginning of the twentieth century, when you must decide where to build your first car factory.

After you've made your choice, you start the assembly line and watch those cars sell. Don't forget to set a reasonable price for the car. No one wants to buy a car that's too cheap, while not many can afford one which is too expensive. Also, be sure to balance your income (from sold cars) and your outgoings. You need to pay your workers, and pay them well, or else they go on strike. You must also take good care of your research team, since otherwise your cars won't have the latest hi-tech gadgets. These include accessories such as windshields or headlights, and let's face it, no one really wants a car without a windshield ("Argh! too many bugs in my teeth!").

However, building cars is not nearly enough. You must be competitive and build various models like hotrods, vans, pickups, off-roaders, etc. On top of this, you will also need to test your cars' safety to see if they comply with the required standards, and their performance to check whether or not your hotrods have enough muscle under the hood. Micromanagement is what this game is all about, so better take a step back if you're not the patient type. As for the graphics, they are nicely drawn and laid out, with an intuitive interface, so no objections on that front.

So, do you think you have what it takes to be the next Henry Ford? Download Detroit and find out!

The game itself is very complex and covers a lot of management. You are an Automobile company owner with one goal: get rich! There's a lot You have to do such as make car designs, build factories, employ workers, spread sales... Great game for those that like micro management.

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