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You are the manager of a huge corporation with a goal of being elected Chairman of the Board. Through guile, shrewd business sense and decisions, smooth production operations, market skills and successful expansion policies, you must prove your management efficiency to achieve over 75 percent of the Board of Directors' vote. In so doing, you'll build your reputation as a true Industry Giant.

In this resource management business simulation, you have a 100-year timeframe to achieve your objective. Full operation of all aspects of running an industry include developing your commodity by gathering appropriate materials from local industries, managing factories to produce the commodity and selling the product through retail outlets. You must build a transportation infrastructure to keep goods moving between all development stages, advertise and promote your product with competitive pricing and expand your buildings and business to attract more consumers.

Choose from a list of 50 products to champion, each with a unique base material requirement, cost and profit per unit, demand (shown per 1000) and year introduced. Industry Giant allows you to begin your simulation in any decade between 1960 and 2060. Also featured are nearly a dozen raw materials, nine different factories and stores, vehicles (trains, ships, airplanes, trucks and more) with individual attributes such as MPH on flat or graded surfaces, travel costs and maximum loads and more than two dozen buildings ranging from airports to woodshops.

Industry Giant comes with an editing module that allows creation of customized scenarios or changes to be made to the dozens of scenarios or campaigns included in the game. Customization options include three levels of difficulty, adjustable levels of landscaping features such as terrain (mountainous to flat), ratio of water to land, density of trees, spacing of industries, numbers of cities, population density, economy type (fluctuating, stable) and city names.

Five computer-controlled opponents are available, each with individual characteristics, abilities and attributes and you can choose to play against up to three of these at any given time. The game comes with a tutorial and uses a basic point-and-click interface supported by keyboard shortcuts.

Are you savvy enough to become the next Industry Giant?


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