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Executive Suite is a game of office politics at a computer company, and compared to other 1980s life sims -- say, Romantic Encounters at the Dome -- it has aged pretty well. After passing an initial interview and starting as a lowly mailroom clerk or junior engineer, you see how far you can make it by retirement. Whether you end up CEO, or still working on the assembly line at the age of 65, depends on the choices you've made. Who have you befriended, who have you sacked, and how much blame have you been able to lay on other people, while impressing company president Malcolm Farnsworth III with your go-getter instincts? This witty game is equally useful as an educational exercise for anyone working in the corporate world -- and as a reminder to everyone else why they decided not to. Despite consisting of simple multiple-choice input, gameplay feels surprisingly open-ended, similar to Jones in the Fast Lane.

After a short job interview, you get hired to Mighty Microcomputer Corporation. You have only one goal in your mind: to become the president of the company as soon as possible!

The game presents you with situations and problems which you must solve by choosing from multiple choices. After a series of questions the game evaluates your performance. If you have made the right choices, you get to advance in your career, but if you have made the wrong decisions, you get fired from the company and the game ends.

Executive Suite is an excellent (and perhaps only) simulation of office life. Your goal is a typical white-collar one: climb up the corporate ladder to become CEO. What sets this game apart from other business sims is the fact that it focuses entirely on office politics and ethical choices that people routinely face in real life.

The game presents you with situations or problems which you must resolve by choosing among multiple choices. For instance: you see a competitor inadvertently drop a confidential folder that contains their top-secret product development plan. Would you kindly return it to them, try to sell the information, or give it to your boss? As in real life, the "solution" to these situations are far from obvious, and often it is a contest between your conscience and your strive for corporate success. Also as in real life, you will find that morally questionable behavior often will get you farther than do-gooder's attitude. After a series of situations, the game evaluate your "performance" and offer you a chance to advance in your career with the corporation. If your new job application is accepted, you will be shown your salary and various perks, and will then have to deal with tougher situations commensurate with higher responsibility.

Overall, Executive Suite is a fun, highly original, arguably controversial game that will either help hone your skills at corporate management or discourage you from doing business altogether.

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