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All the circuits and drivers of the 1994 Formula 1 World Championship is recreated in Geoff Crammond's second racing simulation. The game is viewed from within the cockpit - external views are provided primarily for use in replays or demonstrations. Texture mapping and full detail in the rear view mirrors are available for almost every visible feature.

The game has 5 skill levels, 7 driving aids such as automatic brakes and a dotted 'ideal racing line' to follow available on lower skill levels, and variable race and practice session lengths. You will have to alter the car's setup to get the best possible car performance - this ranges from standard features such as brake balance and gear ratios onto more technical ones such as spring settings and the ride height. Multiplayer games involve either taking it in turns on a single computer, or on a linkup.

If LucasArts are the masters of adventure games, and EA Sports are the best when sports are concerned, then Microprose is definitely the BEST company that deals with any Formula 1 title! After a highly successful Grand Prix game, the sequel was inevitable. Grand Prix 2 is definitely the best F1 game ever made (at least until 1996). The game features real drivers, real tracks and a simulation never seen before. I had to play the game for weeks before I managed to earn first points! It's VERY hard, but in a good way. What I mean is that you will not throw it away because it seems impossible but you will keep playing even if you don't complete a single race for a long time. The menu gives you many options, but don't turn away, not all of them have to be used to play a game. If you simply wanted to race a bit choose Quick Race and go into the action immediately. If you're looking for more then select Championship and try to be the No.1! I say try, you never will, hehehehe. It would be great if you had a wheel to play this game. It's much easier than to use a bit unusual keyboard controls (",", ".", "q" and "a" are used to control the car). Wheel gives you much more control and the game is a LOT easier that way. GP 2 is a game that I would recommend to everyone. Even if you're not F1 fan you will like the game.

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