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You can choose between 4 bikes, 12 tracks (including favourites like Brno, Suzuka and Spa), with 1 or 2 players in this Grand Prix motorcycle racing simulation. You can play a full season including qualifying modes, a single race, or simply practice a circuit to learn it and master the controls. Like the first Lotus game the game always uses a split screen; in one-player mode the top half of the screen displays the track map.

Made in 1991, by Microids this game doesn't represent anything special, but if you still want to find out something about the game - then read on.

You come to the menu which is boringly colored. Here you can choose the AI level, number of players, the control device - keyboard or joystick (which I wasn't able to run). Unfortunately the controls are predefined so you can't change them.

After you've decided you can choose between four bikes, and the only difference between them is color. You can choose between 12 different tracks in the game, some of them are well known (like Suzuka, Silverstone). There are three play modes supported in the game - training, race and championship. The graphics in the game are OK, but it becomes repetitive - so does the game, which has a lot of bugs. So it can happen that your opponents float in the air, or pass through each other etc. One of the bigger stupidities of the game is that you can't see the number of laps that you've passed. If you play alone the game is too easy. Even on the hardest difficulty I left my opponents by half a lap, and believe me I'm no Michael Schumacher. The good thing in the game is the ability to play with another human (splitscreen).

Overall this is one of those games that are fun - for 20 minutes, and then it becomes dull. If you don't have anything better to do and you have a friend near you, download the game. If not, you should avoid it, there are better things to play.

Very good bike game wich you can play alone or with two players on one computer. The game looks and is quite simple with some nice options.

This is a nice motorcycle game in which you can practise, race and even race a championship on 12 different tracks. Gameplay is ok, You just must get the hang of it.

Microids' Grand Prix 500 2 is a fun motorcycle racing game that boasts vibrant graphics and smooth animations that are better than average for its time. In many ways, the game feels like an update of Broderbund's 1987 SuperBike Challenge, in that it includes all 12 of the world's Grand Prix courses, as well as a 2-player hotseat option. The game does strike a territory of its own, though, with the overhead display of course map that makes it very easy to see your position in the race, as well as track layout. Unfortunately, this reduces the action display to only one-third of the screen, so the "you-are-there" feeling is greatly reduced. Another weakness is that the game is very easy-- I know next to nothing about motorcycling, yet I managed to win 4 races in a row without much hassle from computer opponents. I suspect that this has to do with very lenient car-handling mechanics, as I was able to accelerate constantly, and no inertia was ever felt even when I slow down and accelerate immediately again. The game is also very forgiving when it comes to crashing: you can fall down when you bank far too low in a tight curve, but this incident is few and far between.

Overall, Grand Prix 500 2 is a fun diversion that soon becomes quite boring as you leave the other bikes far behind in the races. A decent game with some good features, but without any long-term play value due to easy (or lack of) car physics and absence of challenge.

I may like a lot of old racing games, but this one is definitely one of them. The game lets you play a one or two player game; single race, practice or championship on all the tracks that existed in 1991; qualifying session. So what's bad about it? Gameplay! The game is simply too easy and, unfortunately, dumb and you will most probably give up on it after a few races.

Too bad, this could have been a good game. Play Grand Prix Cycles by Accolade instead, it's a lot more fun.

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