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Great Naval Battles: Fury in the Pacific is the third installment of Strategic Simulations Advanced Simulator Series. Fury in the Pacific is a huge naval combat simulation which encompasses the entire Pacific War. All major American and Japanese ships and aircraft of the Pacific Theatre are included. A Random Battle Generator lets you create unlimited conflicts from small surface engagements to full blown carrier task force battles and in addition a powerful scenario editor allows you to create your own battles or alter existing ones.

Great Naval Battles 1 and 2 were detailed simulation of World War naval operations that, in M. Evan. Brooks' words, are "historically detailed and recommended to the aficionado of the period. While the AI often suffered in the campaign game, it was still the standard-bearer of the genre." However, he thinks Great Naval Battles 3, is disappointing: "Covering the remainder of the Pacific, this simulation met a less-than-resounding welcome from gamers. Bug-ridden, it required numerous patches in order to become semi-playable. The entire system seemed to stretch in order to adequately cover the air operations, and since the system was ostensibly for surface warfare adherents, the entire direction of the design seemed to become suspect."

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