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Great Naval Battles Vol. II is the follow-up sequel to the original Great Naval Battles, the epic World War II submarine warfare simulator. Designed to be historically accurate, the game gives a user the opportunity to replay the classic battles leading up to Trafalgar.

Players are able to control eight tasks that encompass ship performance. These include task force, bridge, main guns, secondary guns, torpedoes, aircraft, damage control and lookout. Not all stations are available on every ship; i.e. many naval ships have no aircraft to coordinate. The user is eventually given control of several naval groups, each of which contains multiple ships. To streamline the control process, the computer can be delegated to look after as many or as few of the tasks as the user sees fit.

The game offers the player the chance to play seven historically accurate scenarios. In these scenarios, enemy forces will appear in locations and in strengths that correspond to actual World War II powers. Aspiring generals take note: since the game lacks a scenario editor or random scenario generator, the seven included scenarios will always remain the same.

Yet there is a campaign mode that allows users to play all naval battles up until the occupation of Guadalcanal. During the campaign mode one real second equals four game seconds, and the user is given an array of options with which to proceed with the occupation of the island. Controlling the delivery of troops and supplies, the computer will take control of manipulating land forces.

The one-player Great Naval Battles Vol. II has various difficulty settings affecting gameplay occurrences such as reinforcements and enemy intensity. The game includes extensive in-game tutorials to train users on methods of controlling the various areas of the ships. In addition, there is a 162-page manual that has extensive descriptions of all boats and airplanes involved in the war as well as historical information.

Great Naval Battles Guadalcanal 1942-1943 is the second installment of Strategic Simulations Advanced Simulator Series. The game sends you to the South Pacific for the monumental conflict that rocked this remote island in the Solomons during 1942-1943. Five tactical battles, three carrier battles and two full campaigns are included. Build your forces with 100 ship types or 20 plane types as you engage enemy forces on land, at sea or in the air.

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