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As a kid I was really fascinated by fast cars and the racing sport. No wonder racing games were among my favorites. But there weren't many good ones around. Pitstop was one of the better ones out there. Its main feature was (as the title suggests) the pit where you had to stop and refit your car, otherwise you could run out of gas or get a flat tire.

But the real fun began with the great sequel entitled Pitstop II, the game I'm presenting to you now. The screen was split and two players could compete head on (while facing other on the road traffic). I may be mistaking, but I believe this was the first split screen car racing game and it set the standards for all the games to come.

Still you had to watch for the tires (so they wouldn't explode) and for the gasoline (not to run out), but you also watched the other screen to see where your opponent was (and made sure you blocked his path and kept him behind you). It was simply great!

Well back in those days I haven't even heard of a PC, so I was more familiar with the C64 version, but I must say I find the PC game quite entertaining. It even has a slight advantage (gameplay wise) over the C64 version. You'll be wearing out your tires simply by driving (even if you don't hit anything), which is what actually happens in the racing sport. This is somewhat more realistic.

So in this version you get to choose one of 4 different tracks to race on, the number of laps (3, 6, or 9) and the difficulty level (rookie, semi-pro, professional). The tracks are fairly easy and you should be able to finish 3 laps without stopping in the pits (but as said, the tires wear off faster in this version). The longer you drive the more likely a pit stop becomes. With 9 laps you'll really need to stop (if nothing else, for fuel). You can enter the pits at the start/finish line (on the far right side), but you mustn't be too fast, or you'll simply pass them and will have to survive another lap before stopping. There's also some traffic on the road (other racing cars), although you can't really tell where they came from (they weren't there on the start and they are in front of you). Their behavior depends on the difficulty level you chose (they might let you pass, or they'll try to ram you off the road).

Once in the pit you'll control the little people there. There are two of them to change the tires (one on each side of the car). You need to click the wheel on them and move them to the tire you want to change (they'll pick it up automatically when they're close enough) and bring the tire to the pile of the fresh ones. Then simply move the little guy back to the car (you can only move on of them at the time). You must also refuel, but be careful. If the tank is too full it will explode (so don't forget to remove the pump line when you reach the full capacity). After you refit your car move the little guys far away from the car and click on the guy with the flag, to return to the track.

Now the graphics are simple CGA, but there are alternative color pallets. The colors do play a role in the game though. When a tire is the same color as the number on your car, it's about to explode! So watch out for that. The sound is only PC speaker, but not annoying (which is a great achievement indeed).

The best part of the game, however, is to race a friend and make him eat your dust! So if possible play in two player mode and get as much fun out of the game as you can.

Race Formula-1 in several tracks while trying to beat a computer opponent. Pay attention to your fuel and tires: It will be necessary to drive into a pitstop to swap them out and refuel.

Another bad conversion from the good old C64. While Pitstop 2 was a real legend of Commodore 64, the PC version is pretty bad.

It's a standard Formula 1 game for one or two players. Drive several circuits, take care of your tires and fuel and do your best to win.

A primitive but fun racing game. Race Formula-1 in several tracks while trying to beat a computer opponent. Albeit its primitive graphics and gameplay, Pitstop 2 does give a nod to realism: it is necessary to drive into a pitstop to swap out burnt tires and refuel as you race along the track. The graphics really hasn't stood the test of time that well, unfortunately.

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