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Mindless fun? I love it. If you're into games that leave plenty of room to fool around, Stunts is for you.

The game itself is simple, with a variety of cars available. From small hatchbacks to indycars, players drive on (and off, as the case may be) challenging courses. The game itself is fun enough by itself, but that's not where it ends.

By *not* playing to win, you'll probably have more fun. Maybe I've got some odd fetish for being destructive in racing games (driving the wrong way in Nascar etc.) but I found constructing insane courses and launching the car hundreds of feet in the air had enormous comedy potential.

Glitches in the game made crashing the cars even more fun, such as getting the car stuck in a loop. The car would drive the loop continuously, gaining more and more speed before careening over the top of the loop. As well, the car would often, for no reason, shoot high into the sky after making a spectacular crash.

Even more impressive was the game's replay function, a truly innovative touch when the game was first released. As well, being able to construct courses led to some really insane destruction derbies.

Recommended for all age groups. The game itself is simple enough for younger people to understand and has enough to hold the attention of older, and seasoned gamers.

The game, if you can find it anywhere, is worth getting. Mindless fun, the best kind, awaits.

Graphics: Hey, for when it was released the graphics were pretty impressive.

Sound: Through your pc speaker, the cars rev. When I first got this, any sounds my laptop would make were golden.

Enjoyment: Many hours spent with friends seeing who could launch a car the furthest.

Replay Value: Can be played again, and again, and again, and again, and again (get the point?)

One of the classic 3D car racing simulations. A variety of cars and opponents to choose from. The game provided unusual stunt objects including loops, corkscrews and jumps. You can watch your race in instant replay from different camera angles. A track editor is included as well.

Let me start this review by saying that Stunts is a fabulous game, and my words won't be sufficient to depict that fact. This game is an absolute must for every car enthusiast, but I'll write a short review just for the sake of it :)

In Stunts you can do a number of various things. First of all, you can choose a track and race against the clock, driving a car of your choice. There are 11 cars at your disposal, each one unique in its own way. Every car also comes with some short stats - horsepower, engine, displacement, acceleration, top speed, price and power graph. Each one has an authentic interior which is a nice touch.

Except the clock, you can also race against the computer drivers that vary in difficulty. Each of the opponents also comes with some short background info.

If you haven't played this game, by now you are probably thinking what's so special about it!? Well, its the track builder! It is absolutely fantastic. It enables you to create your own tracks consisting of all kinds of terrains, obstacles and stunts. You can build bridges that you can jump accross, diagonal and vertical loops, put baricades on the road, elevate the track on two levels, create viaducts, tunnels, sloped curves... you can even build the surrounding screnery, or incorporate it into the track stunts! Its simply amazing. I could write a few pages just about the track editor. Best of all, its very straightforward and easy to learn.

Driving against computer opponents on the track that you've built is extremely entertaining. Of course, in order to complete the stages successfully, and expirience their true potential, you will have to master driving through all kinds of loops and avoiding different obstacles. Trust me, you won't be sorry.

The graphics and sound effects are not the best you've ever seen, but bare in mind that this game was published in 1990. when programmers had to be geniuses in order to create a 3D engine that would run smooth even on a 25Mhz CPU. In conclusion, this is an all around great game that diserves a clean 5 mark, and that should mean something to you.

Stunts would have to be one of the best Abandonware racing games around, it has fantasic gameplay and some amusing racing opponents. There were a few different cars to choose from and they were all fun to drive but nothing beats flying around your tracks in the F1 car, wondering when you were going to slip off the track into the lake. The bit that gave Stunts the longevity over other games is the track making, you could make a basic oval for flat out speed or a track with loops and corkscrews. You could spend ages carefully making the perfect track, placing the trees and gas stations and then race on it with an computer opponent. This game is a must download, it's an Abandonware Classic in my opinion.

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