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Now this game is completely different from anything I have ever played before. It is a nice and very cute game from Japan, with a very detailed manga-inspired feel to the graphics. A strong idea that has neatly been made into a game.

As for the story it is all up to you. You decide everything in this game and there is an estimate of 76 endings depending on your choices throughout the game. You are a great adventurer who aided a falling kingdom against the attacking Demon-lord! Your payment is a yearly salary from the King of 500 gold coins. As if this was not enough the divine God himself grants you a daughter, sent from heaven itself. The child is pure of heart and will do whatever you want her to. On her 10'th birthday she is old enough to start making herself a destiny.

You have different options at your disposal when you are making her monthly schedules. She can do some work and earn some cash the hard way, or you can send her to schools in order for her to make a profession. She could be adventuring the land, or you could simply let her have a vacation. Each of these choices have several sub-options. For instance she can study the arts of Science, Poetry, Theology, Strategy, Fencing, Fighting, Magic, Protocol, Painting and/or Dance. You have so many different possibilities in this game that it will never be the same no matter how many times you play the game.

The game stops when your daughter reaches the age of 18. She is now old enough to make her own decisions, and some of these are... surprising (to say the least!)

I could go on and on about this game, from the graphics that changes in every event (you will see how your daughter changes over the course of her life), to the endless angles in which you can attack the game. You can try to make her an adventurer like you, a real princess, a warrior, a thief, a magician.... and the list just goes on and on. Remember there are numerous different endings.

The game is easy to understand, and it will take you about 2 minutes to get the hang of the game... strangely enough that is also the time you will need to get completely hooked about the game! It is always fun to compare you daughter with someone else's. The game is the ultimate time-killer! And it also a nice game to see if you would be a good parent ;)

One of the most unique and compelling games ever made, Princess Maker 2 is an excellent "life simulation" from Gainax, and the only game in the Princess Maker series to have been translated into English. As to what the game is exactly, MobyGames says it better than I could: "Raise a daughter from childhood into adulthood. Your actions determine whether she will live or die, and what she will become. You can have her enter school, seek adventure in the wilderness, get a part-time job, break into high society, or any of many other possibilities. 74 Unique endings. A very different kind of game."

What makes Princess Maker 2 a lot of fun is the sheer amount of options and actions you can do, which result in seemingly unlimited range of personalities your (adopted) daughter grows up to be. Although you are limited to raising her from age 10 to 18, everything you do will influence how the child will grow up. You first choose your daughter's name, your age, both birthdates, and her blood type. Then you will decide on a detailed routine of her daily life, from schooling and hobbies, to how you want her to react to different people she will meet throughout the game. There are many surprises and random events to ensure that no two games are alike. With many factors that affect your daughter's character, the game's replayability is astounding, and the 70+ endings will keep you hooked for months on end. Two thumbs up, way up!

Note: This is the English translation that was never officially released. Therefore, there are *gaps* in translation, and missing text in some endings.

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